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lawnmower blade nut

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the bolt that holds the lawnmower blade on is frozen won't budge, tried wd40 still wont move, suggestions, the 5/8 head is starting to get rounded now
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You sure it ain't left hand?

Try heat?
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As mentioned, check the thread to be sure you are turning it the right way, and as for penetrating oil, WD 40 is pretty useless.
Kroil is one of the best, PB blaster comes in a few steps down the ladder from that, but is still really good.
I hear brake fluid is supposed to be good, but I never tried it, so I do not know for sure, however, you have that in your car, so you can grab an eye dropper full for free, and right now.
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Had that problem a few years ago......if ya got a auto shop around that you are friends with, just take it there and they will put an impact driver on it and take care of you in about 3 seconds......throw him $5 or something if is worth not having to deal with the headaches.
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Most are reverse thread...

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What he said ^^^^^
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Heat it up with a torch.Then hit it with a hammer a few times. Try a wrench on it, making sure you are turning it the proper direction.
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use a 6 point socket, tap it on with a hammer if necessary and crank away with a breaker bar. Otherwise get someone with an impact driver. I doubt that it is rusted on but just over tightened.
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Originally Posted by capequahog View Post

the bolt that holds the lawnmower blade on is frozen won't budge...

First things first.
Disconnect the plug high-tension wire.
Wedge the blade against the case with a 2x4 block or something similar.

You need to know which direction the nut tightens and loosens.
If unsure, look at the direction the blade turns. (Note: it'll turn in the direction of the cutting edges.)

Facing the blade with the nut closest to you, loosen the nut by turning it in the same direction that the blade turns.
Use the correct size socket. And unless you have arms like an orangatan, put a cheater on the ratchet.

Or you can do as suggested and use an impact wrench. Either electrical or mechanical. Either one should work.
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Ditto on the torch if you have access to one. Just be aware that a good amount of gasoline and oil is located very nearby.

If bolt is stripped sears has a nice set of extractors. Not sure how well they will do with something really stuck on and in a tuff location like that. They work best when you can get a real good grip and keep it all at a good right angle.

Good luck
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I had a blade buster(blade clamp) holding the blade in place, will recheck the manual but if I remember it just said loosen and didn't indicate left hand thread and will check per Arno
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Every lawnmower that I've ever had, the nut on the blades were reverse thread.
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None of the lawn mowers I've owned were ever reverse threaded on the blade nut. Seems like it should be easy to tell by looking at the blade and figuring out which way it spins to cut.
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If the nut is rounded off, get out your Dremel & slice it down two sides. Or buy a nut cracker.

If you don't have either, buy one. You'll be sure to use it again.
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Rightly Loosey on lawnmower blade nuts
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