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Talon rods, and rod blanks

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I wasn't aware that Talon made rods and blanks for anything save flyrods until I saw a post earlier this evening in the Main Forum.

Does anyone have any experience of Talon surf rods or blanks? The online catalog suggests that surf rods are a minor concern, only five or six factory rods, but I think they're more a blank maker then a rod builder anyway. Gents?
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Talon is currently one of the most popular brands of Hawaiian Ulua rods (blanks). Their online catalog is dated. They offer much more models than what is listed. Lifetime warranty on the blanks too. I only have experience with some of their ulua blanks that are purposely designed to be very stiff with strong backbone (typical broomsticks).
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i think a few people on this site fish talon surf rods.. i have a b-132 coming for a friend. i will be using 3 of the new alps vd recessed ring double black guides and the rest recessed ring #10 double black fly guides to #10 tip top.. i will let you know how i like it in a few weeks..
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Please do. I need a new rod like a third eye on the end of my nose, but it's always fun to be part of the gossip.
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talon graphite rod blanks have always been killer that is why gary loomis stole their designer. long ago.
I believe the model 1080 makes for a really nice 10ft surf rod red colored graphite.
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from what i read somewhere he left lami, started LCI which became talon after he went on to do G.Loomis..
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Talon has been around a long time. Anyone who remembers the USA made Pac bay plum colored blanks with the # scratched in to the butt.. these were Talons. Most of Pacbay/Sabre red and green fly blanks are Talon as well. Great stuff.One of the best graphites rods out there! Very popular over seas as well.
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One of our regulars in Salt Water Fly Fishing turns out to be the Talon rep in Australia, and some company history is being discussed. Feel free to stop in and say hello.

I haven't found anyone locally who has a Talon rod of any kind. The things you learn, though.
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Talon will sell direct from the factory!
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In Ru a mainstream is lighter than typical surf, so the most heavy in local shops are blancs for lures up to 2oz (56g), 9' 2p. in 4 series: Professional, ITM, VI Plus, Explorer. And 1.5oz 10' 2p. in ITM, VI Plus, Explorer series.
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Vladimir, nice to see you here.

I don't think I've ever seen a surf rod on a Talon blank; I'll have to go find one, just to satisfy my curiosity.
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Hi Brian,

I have built rods on Talon blanks for years for plugging, boat and fly rods. Rusty introduced them to me years ago. I am not familiar with their surf blanks.

Al G.
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Hey, Al. How are you doing?
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i think anglers workshop also uses them for their house blanks..
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