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Smallest Boat with Pilot House & Head

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Wifey and I are starting to look at boats and one of her 'must haves' is a pilot house with head. I want to go small- preferably 18' or less. Anyone know of any boats that meet these criteria?
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Nope. Not 18' or less. Maybe 21' and more likely 23'.
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A C-Dory kind of does that
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1 dip in the chumpot and you have boat permission? Damn, that must have been one hell of a dip.
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Hi some years ago there was a boat called the Hawk-Line Little Rhody. 19ft w/a full 8ft beam, decent freeboard, mast, boom, and winch for pulling pots or large bluefin tuna on board. The builder designer (Capt George Hawkins) passed away a few years ago. I'm sure there are some still around. Trailored well, not to great in a heading sea, but w/the pilot house, so what. We put three grown men in it back and forth at M and Rhody. Might have some pics around. Casey Ghee
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we had a Sisu 21 at one point. porta head but a nice cabin with a v-berth. lobstah-style
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Heads are nasty. Try to talk her into a pilot house, 5 gallon bucket and plastic bag.
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Allmand Boats, calling it 18, but it says 6.5 meters which would be closed to 20.

Same brand, 17-21 work-cabin, asian boat.

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My wife encouraged me to buy the 21 maratime skiff I have now, so she would have a place to pee in private. The photo below is of the 23 but the 20p looks the same just smaller.

The extra wide console door open into a hidden cabin

I did buy her a porta poti but she discovered its easier to hang off the side rail of the center console and just go overboard when no ones around.
A few years ago I knew a guy that had an 18 foot aquasport with cabin if your looking for a used boat they are probably still around for sale.
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Bayliner used to make an 18ft Trophy WA with a head. Their 20 ft Trophy is a nicer version of the same layout.
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13 whaler and empty joint compond bucket , not so much money and she'll stay home
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Not 18' but Parker 2120 Sport Cabin, it has it all.
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A custom boat builder out of Bristol Rhode Island makes a 20 ft Ocean Scout pilot House , nice boat not many even for sale used , in demand
i just purchased an 1994 20 bristol with merc 135 optimax HPDI, love it !
expanded my foul weather fishin big time..
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Get a 21 with an enclosed head or you will be upgrading in short order. It is not worth the wrath not to take her wishes into account or you will never have a minute of peace on the boat. You can get a decent used boat very reasonably priced now. A 21 will also ride better.
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