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Weedwacker Pull Cord Stuck...

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Guys, my brother in law borrowed my weedwacker & proceeded to break it (why am I not surprised?).

Now, when I pull on the 'pull cord' to start it it gets stuck & doesn't snap back.

It's a Troy Bilt weedwacker. Anyone have any experience on repairing it? Easy fix?
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Most likely the spring became un-attached or broken. That happens when these big armed youngn's jerk the starter rope.

Smooth and steady, young bull and old bull.

Should be a simple fix. Take it apart, fix the spring and put it back together. Common sense mechanics really. Don't be intimidated.
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Sounds easy, looks easy, but can be tricky without a tool to hold the spring. I did this with an ice auger and the spring flew across the room a couple times before I had it fixed. I would highly recommend wearing safety glasses.
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It's a little tricky, but it's not terrible. It sounds like the spring came unhooked or the tip may have snapped. If it broke off, you will have to replace the spring. If it came unhooked, reset it. Remove the cord entirely and wind the wheel tight, almost until it won't move anymore, then tie on the cord and let'er rip! It works a lot easier that way than to try to hold the spring tight while you try to reset the wheel.
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Did you check the ball bearings? It's all ball bearings nowadays. Good luck.
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