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Farrington Lake

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Hi there.
I'm new to the forum and a novice at freshwater fishing.

Just last year I started freshwater fishing for the first time in my life. I go to rutgers so I'm nice and close to Farrington lake.
One of the first times I went there to fish I landed a huge rainbow trout, and ever since i've been craving to get another one.

I caught him on a mepps french spinner, but it was the only trout I had caught all season after fishing both there and in the toms river where I am originally from.

I would love if I could get some pointers from those that have more experience so I can be prepared for my 2nd season in fresh water. I hear there are massive Pike in Farrington Lake and was hoping I could figure out the means of Pike fishing as well..
any help anyone could give would be greatly appreciated...


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Bill the fifth would know this one.
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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Bill the fifth would know this one.

Hey there Wilson Im a Plainfield native myself well more south plainfield than plainfield.

Ive always doen well at Farrington with live shiners under a slip float, jig and pig, motor oil power worms, and the good old chartruese spinner bait.
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For pike,get the largest shiners you can find and send them out under a baloon.We used to catch small suckers in a creek farther up 130 from Farrington and drift them under ballooons as well.Artifical wise we used 1/2oz spinnerbaits in chart. or white with twister tails and large johnsons silver minnow again with twister tails.We always did well in the shallow areas this time of the year before the weeds got going.
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I'm on it wilson!

ha thanks

I was just there 2 days ago actually, in search of the elusive pike. I have heard that fishery has not held up much in the last couple years, and haven't heard any firsthand accounts of anything very recent.

on my trip I did very well with some very big pickerel though, but no pike. just fished shallow structure of any sort all around the lake. PM me if you want any info on that.

I hear alot about largemouth fishing there, but it seems heavily pressured.

I can't help you much with trout, I never got into fishing them in lakes.

If have access to a canoe or boat you might do well where some of the creeks come into the lake, there are several.
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I was actually there 2 days ago as well fishing from the Ryders Lane access.

I unfortunately do not have a boat so I can only fish from the shore line. I was hoping for some pickerel as I have done well last year in cold water in Toms River and landed some very large feisty ones

If you were to recommend the best spot for fishing from the shore line, where would I begin looking?
also thanks so much for the replies much appreciated
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the ryders lane point is not farrington. For some reason people call it that ( apparently you have met these people!) but it is actually weston's mill pond and there is a another whole lake in between that and farrington.

Weston's mill pond is a very good spot for pickerel and bullheads. supposedly good for crappie but they seem difficult to locate. I was only lucky once on finding those. there's some nice LM in there, but i wouldn't go there looking for them.

the area you fished is the only public access to westons mill I beleive. to be honest, the best spots are probably not accessible at all from shore, but i do see guys catching from the launch area on occasion.

to access farrington, drive along riva road or riva lane? and you will see access points right along the road. look on mapquest and you'll see what i mean. the upper end of the lake offers quite a few small access points and that area does'nt seem to get hit by as much boat traffic (just mean and my canoe )

I fish both of these lakes often. drop me a PM if you have a few days or a week notice on when you might be going if you want to meet up. I fish weekends and am taking off a few scatttered weekdays in april.
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I grew up around Farrington (at least that's what we always called it.) We spent a lot of time inside and near the old Dick Smith livery at the broken dam. It's now an East Brunswick park. My delineation of the lake was always, Davidson's Mill at the south, and the "big dam" at the North or east end. I think that the area below the Milltown dam, once Lawrence Brook widens out, is Weston's Mill Pond. The dam for that is below the Route 18 bridge in East Brunswick. We caught a lot of herring below Weston's Mill- fish that came up the Raritan in the spring to spawn. I suppose they're still there. My early fly fishing was all herring related.

Best regards,

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Irv,the broken dam is Bicentential Park.There were lboat loads of herring that used to come up river in the spring at a spot in East Brunswick.That fishery has since gone to hell.We used to catch them and then cube em up for the big catfish that followed them.Every once in awhile you would have a striper follow up a hooked herring and swallow it back there as well.You're lucky if you manage a half dozen herring in a season there now.
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irv you are right with the lake names IMO and according to my maps etc.
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Sorry to hear about the herring run having died off. The striper fishery is still strong in the Raritan for those who know where to look. Of course it's tidal, so the wrong tide can mean no water at all in the best spots. When it's good, though, clousers and bangers can take a lot of smaller stripers, and occasionally a fish in the 30" range. Sadly, as with so many other places, many small fish are killed by those who know nothing, or pretend to know nothing, about size and bag limits.

Weston's Mill has eutrophied and silted in over the years because of unrestricted building along its shores, and now is fishable only in a few places. Great memories there from the fifties, though. My brother and I used to ride our bikes down through the Rutgers College Farm, as it was then called, and spend all day fishing on Weston's shores. What little I know about fish and fishing started there.

Best regards,

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One of my favorite fisheries was the herring run under Rt.18. This was back in the 70's, when you could easily dart 50 or more fish in a day. The water had shoals of fish that you could see, and once they started swirling and spawning a bit downstream, the fishing was fantastic.
I fished a number of central NJ tidal streams in both Monmouth and Middlesex counties for some great UL action with herring.
Once those fisheries died down I moved to the Delaware River, which was amazingly good for a number of years. I hear it, too, has ceased.

If I need a fix of these type fish, I turn to the plentiful hickory shad in Barnegat Inlet every late summer.
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awesome thanks for the clarification Bill, i had always assumed that ryders was still farrington...Ive only fished there 2 times, when i go to farrington I go on Washington by the launch and the PSEG towers. I always see people venturing out in the no tresspassing area but im always afraid to but am considering trying to venture out and find a quieter spot. id love to meet up with you some time though im usually available on weekends and usually when i go its a random last minute decision lol...anyway thanks for the help
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gotcha, same here often, if you get a little notice PM me, especially on sundays, those are usually free for me.
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gladly just cant pm ya yet, you have a messenger service?
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