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most effective way to catch stripers

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I know nothing beats live bait but what would be the second choice

1. poppers IE ZARA SPOOKS
2. soft baits IE SLUGGOS
3. hard baits IE BOMBERS
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Bunker heads
and Snag and Drop
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a function of where you are fishing...

when I send the daughters out, if they don't have live eels or menhaden (which they gravitate to) or they aren't flycasting, we prospect with
1 rubber or bucktail
2 swimmers
3 poppers

rubber = lead head shad or sluggos with internal weight tandam rigged or carolina egg 1/4 to 1/2 oz, or the sexier hoagies or ronz lures...when the blues start to do an AIG on the pocketbook, we get out of rubber...

swimmers are undersized atom swimmers or loaded bombers, always but always with a dropper. Swimmers are loaded with 10 20 cc of menhaden oil...The dropper is monocolored white, yellow or charteuuse- size 2/0 to 3/0, kept sharp!

poppers are yello or bloo, undersized as will with a single rear hook dressed in white bucktail

bucktail is a must have- but fishes 1000% better with porkrind, squid strip or curly allows you to prospect themeat of a rip by adjusting weight and angle of retrieve..

cast just off parallel to the beach in varied angles until you are lobbing it at Spain, and repeat.

..flourocarbon leaders or a 60 lb mono lightly sanded with 400 grit emery

loop knot or rounded snap

(I'm making it all up!)


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IMO, the most effective way to catch stripers most of the time is fresh bait.
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best ways is learn to be patient Do some researching and make a log about all your experiences [good and bad]

Every aspect you have mentioned above can and will produce the best at some time in your life. Spend the time to learn them all as in the end you will find the very best way for you
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french frys.. keep chumming.
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angler 1, will do
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Live bait or a net . Seriously for artificials there are as many effective ways as there are places to fish. Probably the most diversified lure is a bucktail but not alwayse the best choice. Zara spook is not a popper bythe way, it is a spook.

Now I'm sure you won't have many that disagree that the most fun and exciting way to catch a big striper is on a popper. You get to see the take, hear the splash and feel the hit. It's a real rush

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Just keep your cell phone on, and wait for the call.
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I think the terms of artificials, the best method is throwing flies - but if you also like more coverage and would like to stick to spinning/conventional casting, I vote for soft plastics
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Being in the right place at the right time with the right offering
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Depends on what bait is in the water.

When the mackerel are in, try mackerel or like mackerel storm shads or mackerel bombers.

When sand eels are in, use the Rapala Saltwater sliver or a similar bomber imitator plug.

the rapala saltwater sliver makes everyone around me envious, although I have yet to catch a large on it. I'll catch the numbers on it when everybody else is getting skunked if the sand eels are in.
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1/4 block of C-4 - Works everytime.

Good night Mrs. Millgillacuddy, whereever your are.
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