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Andy, I have the same blank and love it, though mine is 13'. Out of curiosity, what made you go with the 11' instead of the 13'?
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crazy stuff..... great work all around

martzy, how was the butt section on the S7, i was told some while ago that they where changing it up from the prototypes (they where thicker than the S8s), on the heavers anyway.... I haven't seen them on the sand, yet, and haven't gotten excited for them due to that fact.
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Koss, the 11' is a plugging rod in the vapor trail line. The heaver is 13'.

Lucky, that's exactly why I went with the vapor trail instead of the S7. A lot bigger butt. Guess I'm not sir mix a lot.
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thanks Guys, nice builds also, I am going to start another as soon as I decide on a color combo someone needs to invent a computer program where you can lay out the colors and see what they look like, it would make my brain hurt less confused.gif
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There is a program like that. Visual wrap, maybe??

You tell it the colors you want to use and give it pattern instructions, the it tells you what you will get.
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Visual wrap will show you patterns but there are some free online tools to show color combinations together. Thread Central Color Combo Tester would do it but I have not used it in a while and when I did it only had Gudebrods library I believe. Last time I tried it it did not work but give it a shot. If it still only has Gudebrod colors you can cross reference the color to another brand. Also the Mokoi Thead Color Matching Tool works very well and I would highly recommend trying it out for yourself. I usually find color combos using a color wheel which are only a few dollars and will show you 2,3,or 4 complimentary colors. Also just use colors of items you see everyday, maybe product packaging or advertisements. The artists have already done the work of choosing appealing color combinations. I have even been know to use the color combo from my favorite beer bottle smile.gif

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