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It is a pretty big diameter spool. I doubt if I'll go the single foot route. I'm still deciding if I want to put a reel seat on it, I think I will though since I got this rod for the specific purpose of throwing lighter weight plugs. But who knows???
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Here is the last rod that I finished up a couple weeks ago for my wife. It seems to have been named "The Lighthouse Rod" at the 2014 Rod Building Expo. It is built on a seeker CSW 708 blank with a Pac Bay reel seat and Fuji Alconite guides. All art is done with EVA and thread wraps and weaves using Madiera thread.

This shows the guide wraps.

This shows all of the guides.

This shows the fore grip on the rod.

This shows the lower section of the rod with the foregrip, and split grip EVA work and the split grip wrap.

This shows the tip with a weave to represent the light of the lighthouse.

Thanks for looking

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sick john! icon24.gif

The eva shaping looks awesome, but i really like the weaving part for the bricks on the over wraps... did you paint the blank to get the white stripes (cant tell if thats thread)???

...i would be afraid to fish with it biggrin.gif
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WOW! That is very nice John.
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Thats amazing work great job fishizzle.
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John that is awesome.
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Incredible work John!  I couldn't bring myself to fish that rod, much less my wife!

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Sweet ... I with Marcus, I'd have to put in out for display only!
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Wow John! That's just fantastic clapping.gif
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How did I miss seeing that at the Expo, awesome work icon14.gif
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That is a beautiful rod fo'shizzle fishizzle!! I'd love to see it up close, I'm sure the pics don't do it justice.
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Nice pics John.  Yeah it looks even better in person!

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Thanks for the compliments. I am terrible at taking pictures of rods, I guess that is why I do not post many pics. The only paint I used was painting the blank white under the wraps. The black and white spiral is thread, I thought about painting the spiral pattern but I did not think it would look as good.

Marcus that green dragon scale you did looks awesome, the trim wraps look great! I am getting ready to do a dragon scale but can not decide between green or copper. Kind of funny because the last two dragon wraps shown in this thread are your green wrap and Dave's copper wrap. It is going on an Allstar 1509 rebuild that I painted with color changing paint that goes from copper to green depending on the angle so I think either color would work. I guess I can try one and if I do not like it cut I can cut it off. I have had a lot of practice cutting off wraps mad.gif

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Incredible rod John truly is a masterpiece. If it took me an hour to wrap a guide with a trim band, I can't imagine how many hours went into the lighthouse.

I decided to make things a little more interesting on my second build and went with split underwraps and trim bands. I'm taking my time on this one but starting to feel the pressure with Spring around the corner. Here is a pic halfway through a guide wrap.
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nice steve! you seem to have come down with the rod building flu biggrin.gif
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