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I intend to make my cart from PVC using this through scupper concept for portability / easy to disassemble and store in the yak.
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Originally Posted by copycat View Post
I intend to make my cart from PVC using this through scupper concept for portability / easy to disassemble and store in the yak.

See 126Andy's pictures in his reply on 3/4 to my post for cart for a Heritage Redfish. He built a PVC scupper hole cart that looks pretty basic and easy to build.
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To update, the gentleman's name from KFS is Angelo Iacovella. I used his idea as the basis of my cart. He has a very good/thorogh write up (with prices) on their site.
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Hannibal..I was looking at the great cart you built and posted pics of in this thread. I am not very mechanical...own a 10 1/2 ft sit in kayak which i keep by the dock on a small lake i live on. I recently bought a small kayak cart from a guy on ebay who makes them and it is much too narrow...9 fit under my kayak. Every time i try to use it the cart comes off the back of my yak. So I am thinking about trying to make it larger be putting extensions on the width pvc pipes to fit my kayak better. Doing so will mean i have to buy a longer axle.The one which came with this cart is aluminum..smooth...has some kind of cap on one end and a hole for a shear or cotter pin on the other.Looking at your design could i simply use a a long axle which is threaded all the way across it and if so what would i use on each end of the axle to secure the wheels from not wobbling? Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks.Wish i had your mechanical skills!!
I only paid $40 for this cart...guess i got what i paid for but only need a cart to haul yak from my garage back to my dock...about 150 ft. I am 70 so pulling it over the grass is harder than i want to work!Thanks again.
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for going 150' over grass I'd just get 2 inflatable wheels, about 4" wide, a length of plain rod or all thread as wide as you need for an a axle, and a piece of 2 x 4 that's about 10" shorter than your axle. Because this is a "low rider" you want the 2x4 at least a couple inches wider than the spot where the boat will rest on it, or at least as wide as the widest part of the hull

Fasten the axle rod to the 2x4 so that the rod sticks out about 5" on each side, attached a wheel to each side. Flip it over, set one end of your yak on top, and lift and pull the other end. if you lawn/dock has some rough terrian, add a bungee cord that will go over the boat and clip to the axle rod on each side.

You could easily do this for $40 or less, in less than 20 minutes, with very basic tools and little or no mechanical abilitity
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