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Power Zap line cutter

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I need a replacement tip for my Power Zap cauterizing tool and in the catalogs, the tips sell for $8.95 plus $4 or more shipping which is ridiculous, I think, for a wire tip. That, plus the fact that they heat up red hot when new, when this is a great tool, but go downhill from there.

Anyone know of a place selling them cheaper either online or here on LI or have a recommendation for another tool to burn in eyes on a spun deer hair slider?

I bought a solder pencil from Radio Shack as mentioned here on another thread but it takes much too long to heat up and when it does, I don't feel it burns the hair good enough. That one's going back. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
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You may want to check a medical supply store! They use them in the ER in hospitals. I think they are called Capacitors. They are a great tool,but I to agree the $8.95+ shipping is crazy. If you know a Doctor or someone who works in the hospital you may want to ask them if they can get you one! They usually throw them away after they use them. Just make sure you clean them with alcohol before you use them! Good luck & if you find a sourch I would be interested in getting some myself!
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I located a site online whose price is $6.99 per replacement tip for the Power Zap and because they're so small, they agreed to ship for $2, which is fair, so I'm ordering two.

pm me if you need the link to the site as I think the rules here are we can't post links.
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try panfishpro site as they have good prices and shipping for zap tips.
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greenie: you're right on! I found the site panfishpro via Google the other day and ordered two tips from them and pm-d a fellow SOLer so he could get the same. Thanks.
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Got my 2 tips today Tks again Flysully!
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I also might add, panfishpro has outstanding customer service!
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I would like the site for the PowerZap Tool tips

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I've been using a wood burning tool I got at Michaels with no complaints . It wasn't all that expensive 12 or 14 bucks .

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