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Hardy and Grey's Reels

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I looked at a Grey's 380 this weekend and although it was priced right it didn't look like it would hold up, that is just a opinion. I looked at the Hardy
Angel, it appeared to be better made but was also a product of Korea.I don't see much mention of Hardy reels on the board, are they just not up to the
task of saltwater fishing?
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Not wanting to get into a big debate here, so to keep this simple... You can buy a nice quality USA made reel for the same as a Hardy Korean piece of crap
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Angels are heavy for their capacity but they are nice salmon and trout reels. Their coating does not mind salt but I would choose Zane because it has stronger brake and are light for their capacity.
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Hardy, now Hardy & Grey's, is trying to re-enter the US market in a substantive fashion, but they're really just now making an effort. I barely know where you could find one. I did buy a Grey's 8wt rod at a show recently.
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A couple of weeks ago, the Eastern US rep for hardy was showing the Hardy line to a Boston fly shop. The reels were impressive and to my eye and touch, were very very smooth and well made, exquisite comes to mind. Even if some are Korean made, they had no obvoius quality control issues to me. I did not ask the price ranges, but from the discussion, there are some very high end models. Given the current market, they may not get wide shop distribution, but if you have the chance to handle one, keep an open mind (and wallet)
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