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Cracked lower unit

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I hit a long piece of re-bar in Barneget Bay during a blow out low tide in December. The re-bar wrapped around the prop like a piece of rope. It dinged up the prop prety badly and when I pulled the boat I noticed a small crack in the lower unit. There appears to be a small amount of oil leaking from the crack. The engine is a Yahama 250. Anyone have any experience with this sort of damage?
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Sounds real serious. Something twisted the internals up enough to crack the housing. You could get it welded and pray. I had a cracked power head casing welded after the lower main bearing let go, and blew one of the ball bearings through the side. It was still running ten years later when the boat finally left the family.

But, I would start calling around dealers, looking for a used unit. When dealers get a blown engine in that is beyond repair, they will resell the good remaining parts, like lower unit, starter, etc. I have been able to find a number of things in the past, including lower units and starters at a greatly reduced price..
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Happened to me on one of my first boats 25yrs ago. It's cheaper if your able to remove the lower unit yourself and take it to a prop repair shop for welding. If your not inclined to remove the unit yourself, repairs for cracked lower units are common at your local marina area. Remember that your gonna replace your pump and impellar while the units down. New lube- no dents- good to go. Red Right Return. Good Luck.
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TryTrixies bone yard in Ocean county down near you. He might have the lower unit.
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your main Yamaha dealer near you is Key Harbour Marina in Waretown, ask for Frank, or Dave. You can also try Tides End in Forked River, ask for Al, he is an old salt but he knows his stuff. I wish I saw this post before I left work, I could have checked to see if we have one. I won't be back to work until Tuesday, I can check then if you like.
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This is why you have insurance - do you?
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If you're seeing oil, thats one hell of a crack.

You can have it welded, realize all seals will be have to be replaced from the heat it'll generate. Also - and I speak from experience, welding will only buy you time. The alloy WILL be different, and you will experience corroision in the area of the weld down the line.

Depending on how healthy your engine is, may be cheaper in the long run to find a lower off a blown engine.
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Originally Posted by mikep53 View Post
TryTrixies bone yard in Ocean county down near you. He might have the lower unit.
Yup, that's where I got one for my Yami 115.
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Depending on your wallet either buy a used unit or replace it with a newer one. The money you will spend to TRY and get it corrected is like throwing money out the window. At least no-one got hurt and that you have time to fix it before the weather breaks.
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Thanks guys, This all sounds like good advice. I do have insurance, I think I will give them a call first to see if covered. I'll let you all know how ir goes.
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MY opinion-dont go for the weld repair especially if you plan on keeping the boat.

Look for a used unit and get a mechanic to eyeball it for you or rebuilt unit( find out why it was rebuilt).

If you are mechanically inclined, See what the costs are for just a new housing and transfer all parts.
I THINK an outboard lower unit is an easier rebuild than an I/O lower unit, therefore that is also sumtin else to look into.

However as some one said, now you have SW intrusion and bearings are gonna have to be eyeballed all parts have to be inspected for any internal damage, I think it is worth considering because w/ a used unit you just dont know.
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Obviously if the casing cracked, an awful lot of the shock was transferred to the gears and bearings. I would not be surprised that there are invisible hairline cracks in some gears. I guess the shear pin - didn't. (or it's equivalent.) I am guessing stainless prop?
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The housing crackd where the re-bar hit the housing. There is an obvious 1/2" round depression there from the re-bar. The other thing that concerns me is that the motor stopped very suddenly when this happened, and it sounded awful. There well could be damaged seals or gears.
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Yeah. That sounds nasty. I was hoping for the best case scenario. Hope for the best with your insurance.
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I'm going to check it out with my ins co. this week I don't have great faith with them though. I want to deal with this now so the boat is ready to launch by mid april.
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