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Mulit- Use fuel heaters Kerosene/Diesel

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I have maybe 5-12oz. of kerosene in the gas tank. Can I mix diesel with it. I can hear it sloshing around it's def not much.. Will it hurt the heater by mixing the two fuels together.

This heater is what you would see on a construction site maybe used by the guys doing sheetrock and taping.

I can't find a place close to home that sells keorsene. The best I can come up with is diesel it's 2 Miles away. I'm not traveling 15-20 miles to go get kero. I just want to heat up my garage with it for an hour or two.
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Never mind I found a place 8 miles away that sells kerosene.. Thanks anyway.
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Tom - I would not advise putting diesel fuel into a kerosene heater.
The two fuels are close, but kerosene is slightly more refined.The heater may run on diesel initially, but is likely to run crappy and be hard to get it to run right thereafter. (I say that as knowing someone who did this.)
I have a forced air torpedo style kerosene heater that I like to use in the winter for some things - they're often not the best choice or most efficient heater you can use for a lot of things, but they're very effective if you want instant heat or are working in a very open environment.

I have been having trouble finding kero lately also, in the entire region I live in I can only find one station with a kero pump this winter, 12 miles away.
Last winter there were a few more, and the winter before several more, so they're definitely disappearing.
Just speculation on my part, but I think it must be a PIA for most places to deal with it - price is very unstable,
they don't sell a lot of it compared to diesel and gasoline, and they don't want to get stuck with it.

What I'd like to know (assuming this trend of low availability continues), is how hard it might be to make a conversion so these type of heaters can run well on off-road diesel.
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You can use either Diesel or Kerosene in this heater. I was concerned about mixing the 2 together. But I ended up finding a gas station that sold kerosene 5 miles away and picked some up. Thanks. I called a few places and found where one was that sold it.
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You can mix the two. The problem is that diesel will give off stronger fumes than Kero.

Dan off-road and on-road diesel are one in the same. They are dyed different for tax reasons. Red dyed diesel and clear or gold are the same. I delivered this stuff for years and its all taxes.
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I didn't realize you could mix the two with these kind of heaters. If that's the case, good to know.
A friend of mine has a torpedo heater similar to mine and put home heating oil in it (which I believe is the same as diesel ?) and it ran like crap after that. I suppose it could have been contaminated with dirt - dunno.

Originally Posted by MadBomber View Post

Dan off-road and on-road diesel are one in the same. They are dyed different for tax reasons.

Yes, I should have clarified that better. I mentioned the off road because I don't want to pay road tax on heating fuel.
In my area, both are easier to find than kerosene.
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Make sureyou havea CLEAN air filter on your heater
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I've been using diesel in my kerosene 55,000 BTU torpedo heater for years now with no problems. In fact I was running it today to defrost the garden hose so that I could wash the cars.

Diesel smell more, but other than that I have seen no difference. Kerosene is better in the really cold weather as it is easier to ignite. I will mix kerosene and diesel and burn that when it's really cold ( < 20 degrees).

It's perfectly OK to mix the two. In fact many people who have diesel engines in their vehicles will do that to thin out the diesel in the winter, for easier starting.
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O.K., I'm going way out on a limb here.

What I am going to say is NOT based on facts, but on what I heard MANY years ago.

Back when I was a kid, there was kerosene, #1 fuel oil, and #2 fuel oil.

It was explained to me then that the only difference was in how much "oil" the product had in it. I was led to believe that #1 fuel oil was basicly kerosene with 1 quart of oil per 5 gallons, and #2 fuel oil was basicly kerosene with 2 quarts of oil per 5 gallons.

I was told that the only difference between #2 fuel oil, and #2 diesel fuel was that the road tax had been paid on the #2 diesel fuel.

I know that it can't be this simple, so would someone who really knows please fill in the blanks.

My Dad had a kerosene heater in his shop, and he'd use #2 diesel fuel in a pinch. It smoked more, but gave us heat.

Duane S
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i have a brand new in the box torpedo heater that claims to run on #1,#2, and kero. i never tried it as i picked up a propane model.
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My heater I mentioned is 115,00 BTU's It throws some heat. I am actually looking to get rid of it.
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i work on them all day long and you wouldn't believe what people will put in the fuel tanks!
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I've been to 2 fires where people put gasoline into kero heaters, both ended up in the burn ward.
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