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Hey guys, I'm a relatively new member here and I'm just wondering if i should buy things from the BST forum. I found a pretty sweet deal that no one has taken yet, and I'm wondering if you think the BST Forum is reliable and everything. Should i order the stuff? Have you ever had any problems with anyone, and who just so i no who to look out for. thanks.
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It is a nonsense free zone. The patrol car does a great job keeping it that way. Use it
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It's safer than ebay, and the sellers are fishermen, not guy just making a buck on something they know nothing of.
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I bought 90% of my gear off the BST, a wonderful place to BUY and SELL
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Never had a problem and the guys do what they say they're going to. Don't forget about the SOL store....lots of good stuff there too!
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the only sellers I would NOT buy from are those that have not been members here long. I bought many lures in the BST and only had a problem once.
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I can't complain about anything that I recently purchased from this site,...reel, fishing shirts.
Better than "ebay" !
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I have had great success as a seller and buyer on both e-bay and SOL.

It all comes down to full disclosure, good ADs w/ PICs and description, reasonable pricing, rarely oversetiming value, minimize haggling. If you want to sell a good item take the time to describe it correctly and in detail, accept returns if not not as described. I you are lazy as a buyer or seller there will be problems - eventually.
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i have not had any problem buying/selling/trading. and shipping (for me) has always been verry prompt. like the others said it is "policed" well. i think you will have no problems.
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No problems here
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Some of the best deals around are in the BST forum. Keep your eyes on it.
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never had a problem there, ive only had a positive experience, people there are easy to communicate with also.
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Definately a great feature of a wonderful site. I admit, it does get addicting at times, and you will make some impulsive purchases, but that's what makes it fun! Great guys selling some good stuff.
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I bought a bass boat for sweatwater fishing in the summer when stripers slow down. I got a great deal. If you see something you like, react fast, things move pretty quick there.
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Much better than e-bay!
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