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Removing Salt Deposits

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I found a Abu 6500c3 for cheap, so of course I had to pick it up . The only problem is that there is a fair amount of salt deposited on it and the level wind has a tough time because of this. Is this just as easy at using water to rinse it off and maybe something like a toothbrush to scrub it or is there a chemical to use. Thanks guys
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Start with white vinigar
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White vinegar......soak it for a couple hours.
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Thanks Guys.
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before using the vinegar, I personally would soak it in warm soapy water, on go at it with an old toothbrush, or that of an advisary.

think what happens when you take an old penny and scrub it hard with vinegar, it eats the metal away. mind as well trythe less invasive approach first is my stance.
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Aweiss.....I would agree with you if it were a very thin copper shim or something, but the vinegar isn't even gonna begin to touch the metal in a level wind.....

I've soaked many reels parts (plastic, steel, aluminum, brass, etc) in vinegar for a few hours, and while it took off the salt corrosion, it never touched the metal itself.
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i'm not disagreeing with you SiM, jsut my thoughts. I was thinking of something like the side rings on an older penn conventional. go at it too roughly and you peel off that thin chrome like it's your job.
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aweiss....but of course........I was hoping that JTR understood to dismantle the reel (at least partially) and take out any parts that might be "sensitive" to the weak acid.....I know that there are certainly parts in some of my reels that I wouldn't put in the vinegar, but as I said, they are things like thin copper shims and such.

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