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extra wide wading boots

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Hey, does anyone have any suggestions on where to find wading shoes (felt with studs preferred) for a foot size12eeee? I wouldn't mind spending the coin, but I just can't find them....Any help would be appreciated.
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Man I feel for you, have the same size. I was once told that my foot looked like the box shoes come in. Anyway try this; find something that fits and have a shoemaker glue on studded felt soles.
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I think Cabela's has wading boots in wide but only with felt soles no studs.
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Cabelas has one style that goes to 15 but only EE not eeee.
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They are discontinued, but Simms River-Tech (sp) are great! Very wide. Look for a pair on the Bay? Not studded but will accept the screw in studs.
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thanks, I have checked out the 'wide' shoes from cabela's, go..... buying a regular pair of boots and customizing them is the way I think I am going to go...but I'm gonna keep looking over the winter.
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mcafam, I think I found a pair in your size:

Sorry, I couldn't resist
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Hey.....they might just fit?!
Ya know, I just can't believe that nobody's got an extra wide wading shoe out there.
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Try the cabelas ones there only 50 bucks and there comfy as hell! I own them in the super 15 size and they are pretty roomy.
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I have the Cabelas wide ultra lights and find them to be more than roomy for my large foot. They were on sale for $29.99. I always buy a full size larger to allow for thermal socks if needed.
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I have EE to EEE feet and the only boots that I could find that fit wider feet were Weinbrenner/Borger Ultimate Wading Shoes. Cabelas used to sell a version of them, too, but I had mine way back in the 80's. EEEE will be tougher to fit.
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one particular simms model is eee at the worlds largest outfitter
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