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Selling for a friend.

Atwood Mobile Products Remote Camper Jack Control Set.

Camper Jack Control MPD 85442
Main Board MPD 85439
Camper Jack Power Switch

System will control up to a 4 motor system.

The Remote Control Kit consists of the micro-processor unit, activation wall switch,and handheld remote control.

The remote allows the operator to walk around the vehicle unhampered by a cord or by having to remain next to the camper to operate switches.
The Wall Switch works two ways. Press the activation switch to turn power on and then position the camper. 1.) Once done, simply press the switch again to turn off power to the remote or 2.) after ten minutes, the time-out safety feature will automatically turn power off to the remote to prevent accidental operation. Each individual leg can be controlle as you stand by it to ensure proper leveling.

$130 shipped. New is between $260 and $300.