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4 Stroke Honda 90HP or Evinrude 90HP E-Tec

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I have the impression that the 4 stroke Honda 90 is that much better of an engine than the Evinrude E-Tec.

Is that about right?

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Evinrude has a great marketing campaign telling us that the E-Tec is better than a 4 stroke motor. I don'y believe it. I run a 4 stroke suzuki, and it's better than any 2 stroke I ever far. I'd guess most honda owners would tell you the same thing. I've heard that there have been some corrosion issues with the E-Tecs. Also, the resale on a 4 stroke will be better than with a 2 stroke, even an E-Tec.Get the Honda,and you won't be sorry.Get the E-Tec, and you may be.

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I have a yami 4 stroke, my friends have 4 stroke hondas and love em too. The e tec is great engine as well, a slightly older technology than some that have been mentioned. This older technology was abandoned, or I should say these manufacturers have migrated thru design away from 2 stroke and re-engineered the motor-now called 4 stroke. But 2 strokes have great getting the boat on plane tourque, lowend, less moving parts, great marketing and built in warrentee. You don't have to do a thing to it for 3 years. Fuel economy is arguably about the same, noise & polution almost the same as four strokes. and as far as fun factor goes- they go just as fast as fourstroke- maybe more in theory because they are lighter in weight.

Confused? don't be!
Everyone is making a great engine now- instead ask yourself who nearby can work on it or handle any warrentee problems. I think you'll find yami and honda pretty popular- The "New" evinrude a bit less and suzuki although another great engine has even less dealers than them.

I would look at the engine with the broadest dealer/service network that is within travel distance from you ( or your intended use of the boat). You'll be happy with any manufacture- provided you're on the water using it.
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I'll have to agree with ehiney. This argument will bring out the pros and teh antis just like a Ford versus Chevy thread. There are a lot of pro-ETEC and anti-ETEC people. They have had a few issues (like just about any newer outboard), but they don't seem to have an inordinate amount. Mercury, Yamah, Suzuki, Honda etc. have also had issues. Honda seems to be in the lower half of that group as far as problem frequency. Perhaps this is because they were among the first companies to introduce 4-stroke outboards.

As far as real performance issues go. Two-strokes are generally lighter weight (ETEC=320lbs vs Honda=359-365lbs ). Not a huge difference unless it throws off the resting trim of your boat. Two strokes generally have a higher low end torque (and, therefore, low end thrust). This is evident in the ETEC vs 4-stroke video that everyone talks about. Whether this is really important tyo you depends on you boating situation. Noise is generally less in 4-strokes. Honda's extra weight (compared to some other 4-strokes) has been because they have added counter-rotating half-shafts (since their inception) that reduce vibration and therefore reduce noise. Honda is one of the quietest motors out there. ETEC is pretty quiet, too. Both are very fuel efficient. Both have good warranties and reputations of backing their motors (though Bombardier has been in the outboard business for a shorter time than Honda). The ETEC technology is not any older than the 4-stroke technology. They chose to go with different simpler injection technology than other injected 2-strokes, and seem to have fewer injection problems/failures as a result. 4-strokes require more maintenance, but no more than your (4-stroke) car.

You will have to decide whether you believe the internet noise about the two motors, then factor in the dealer service factor that ehiney mentioned and the cost (ETEC is generally cheaper). I recommend talking directly with owners of the motors rather than listening to internet. There are a lot of stories that start, " My Buddy...", " I heard...", or "The guy at the marina...". Some of these stories may be true, but a lot of them are actually third or fouth hand, rather than the first or second hand situations that they lead you to believe. There are also people whose warranty claims were rejected because they didn't meet the warranty criteria. Some are vindictive towards the company. I personally watched a guy try to restart his outboard after the computer shut it down because of insufficient water flow. I warned him not to do it. He ignored me and the results was a loud "bang" followed by the piston rod going through the block.

Take all of the info into acount and make your own decision.
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All good answers so far. I just thought I would weigh in on the E tec. I chose a 90 E tec last year. I got a 7 year warranty by buying by March 31 2007. Starts immediately every time. I used about 1 gallon of XD100 oil all last season. I use about 5.5 gallons of gas to go 30 miles. I've logged about 1500 miles on my GPS (don't have an hour gauge) in a season and a half. It winterizes itself with a lift of a lever. I couldn't be happier with my choice so far.

I'm sure there are many happy Honda owners as well, whatever choice you make will make you one happy boater. Of the choices you make in life... this is one you can't lose on.
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Was up in Alaska they had a Yammie jet and a honda jet the Yammies were much faster they would just walk away form the honda however the honda did much better on fuel to the tune of about 4% better doesn't sound like much until you understand that right now the lodge is paying between 6.50 and 7.00 dollars a gallon and it is expected to up to 9 or 10 dollars a gallon before they end there season. Both motors ran well up there but for the most part all I saw were Yamahas on the river. THomT
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They are all good motors. Decide on price and dealer service.

The Honda is the best for fuel economy but is the slowest and heaviest of the pack.

I had an E-TEC and loved it. Just sold the boat and shipped it to Amsterdam.

My next one will be another E-TEC. It's the lightest and cleanest burning of the pack. It's got the most torque too... No maintenance for the first 3 years, winterization is a 30 second job, it can run with a dead or no battery (the only one) and starts in half a revolution of the flywheel.

No oil changes either....
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only other thing to consider is honda parts are more money, or at least in my experience(I'm a marine mechanic)
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Yami 90 4 stroke 3rd year. 100 hours a year ZERO problems. Love the motor. best one I have ever had.
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115 suzuki 18 months 450 hours. no problems with it nor the last one which I put 800 hours on. Suzuki turns the biggest prop. The arguments should be over. 6 year warranty aint bad either
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Can't say anything about the Honda 90 and I don't know anyone with the E-Tec, but I bought my Honda BF 50 ( carbed) in 2004 and have 750 hours on it and the only time it went in the shop was at 20 hours for the warrunty work. Starts everytime and sips gas.
As far as ease of winterization: Change fluids and filter, drain carbs, spray it down with T9, and call it good.
Just my 2 cents
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