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FISHING WINDS: Best wind direction/speed in your opinion? Why?

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1. I want to know (in your opinion) what is the BEST wind direction and speed in respect to my area suitable to produce best fishing results: New York Bight (NY, Jamaica Bay, SI)??? Location matters?

2. How does CHANGE in winds affects fishing? (Slight change in winds and major Land vs Ocean winds change) Wind against tide?

3. How do winds affect BOAT vs. SURF fishing?

4. Please talk about Pre/Post STORM conditions and Rough Windy conditions.

Please. if responding, exaplain WHY?

PS. if important, my fishing style: Striped Bass, Night, Surf.
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Best winds are either going to be onshore, at that specific location, strong enough to stir things up to create white water...

...or, from a direction that makes current "pull" better past another specific location...

I imagine stage of tide is hugely important, too...
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Please don't take this the wrong way.

I can't help with your specific area; but I do know that for the areas I fish, some general rules of thumb are easy to find from any number of good books (or by trying the search feature on this site); but the specifics of which spot works better on a northeast and ebb tide as opposed to a south wind at the end of the flood; thats years of logging and time etc.

Your questions are good ones, but it feels like you want quick easy answers. Put in your time. Do some reading. Join a surf fishing club. The answers will come and be much more meaningful to you than me saying "Wind against the tide is good sometimes and bad others; wind in your face is more important."
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i like a breeze in my face strong enough to kick up some nice waves that stir up the wash.
make whitewater, but not so much wind that i cant fish with huge wall of water coming at me.

the most ill tolerate is up to 10oz sinker weight
if i gotta use more.... ill be at the neighbors drinking beer while my rod is just sitting unbaited in the holder.
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Really depends on where you are...strong south wind in NJ is trouble..South wind in RI in spots creates excellent fishing opportunities.......same is true for tides...low tides in some areas make the fishing impossible...other areas, the bays/harbors/inlets are emptying out and the big fish are waiting...
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emgred's right. It varies so much from location to location, and even from one season to another in the same year, that the only way is to get out there and experience it, keeping a log book.

A northeast wind in the spring is different from a northeast wind in the fall. In the spring, a downward change of a few degrees in water temps can give fish lockjaw, and in the fall, it can really light it up.
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My location in Staten Island, New York
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Here in MA, some folks swear by the 'east is least' train of thought - but don't buy all depends where you're fishing. Different winds are favorable for various areas.
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