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Nightcrawlers for Stripers

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Anyone ever had any luck catching schoolies (Stripers) with nightcrawlers. I had an old timer who fished a salt/brackish water brook floating crawlers on a bobber with the in coming tide.

Again while on Sandy Neck i swore i had seen another fishing off the bottom with crawlers and banging six schoolies when no one else was catching anything.
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I've caught them on night crawlers a long time ago. But they were in freshwater - not impounded/landlocked...but rather stripers that used to migrate way up the Potomac River, past Wash DC. Not sure that made a difference or if it's merely the fact that I wasn't fishing for them but would catch them from time to time while using night crawlers for other species. They certainly didn't work as well as blood/sand/sea worms while fishing for them in the same areas. So I guess that would be a 'yes' but not as good as the other worms mentioned.
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unless I was mistaken .... he couldnt have been using bloods or seas .... you usually dont get them back after it sits for twenty minutes on the bottom.

Wasnt an eel becasue he was baiting them dead. They are usually fished live. Correct.

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Never tried it but i could see schoolies going for them.......especially in the creeks.
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lactrain......i think i have heard this question before, but i can not remenber when i heard it, and i think this is your first post also.....burkie
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Yes, you can catch stripers on night crawlers- they're pretty much as good as sandworms or bloodworms when alive, but they die after a few minutes in the salt and become less effective. They might live a little longer in brackish water.
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Ya its me burkie .... gonna give the crawlers a shot this weekend. If your ever interested in jumpin in a fishin with me at my sandy spot in the sun let me know.

Thanks for the tip ... ordered me a variety of Choopies ... will see how they go. Ive been out of the loop for a bit so i need to acquire some choice lures.
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I've never tried them for stripers. But they do work on flounder.
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