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Cable steering adjustment?

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Hi Guys,

I have a bit too much freeplay in my steering. It is basic cable steering to a 90 hp 2 stroke Yamaha. Is there a way too remove some of this freeplay?

Thanks for the help.
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I have a similar issue on a 150 Yami. I haven't been able to locate exactly where the play is. I have a tilt steering wheel and thought it might be in the tilt coupler but upon inspection, that is not the source. Everything on the steerer tube seems good. So, the play is in the steering box (Teleflex no feedback), the cable itself, or is normal for that setup. My play is a tad under 1/4 turn of the wheel before I see the motor move. Any thoughts?
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if it's cable steering then you need to replace it to remove freeplay, a little is natural but not much, if you do replace, do the head and the cable as replacing only one will cause the other to wear out prematurely
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Hi - what do you mean by head and cable - does this mean the cable that attaches to the teleflex steering box/system??
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I just had to replace my less than 2yr old boats Teleflex steering cable to my 90 yam a couple days ago. 2006 Angler boat. Had to remove the engine to get the cable out.

I couldn’t believe this almost new steel cable that should be able to tow a car broke under no stress at all so I looked first in the steering box.

It broke inside the casing where it connects to the rod. Definitely a manufacturing issue. 5 calls to them and not a single one returned so far. Talk with a woman who was clueless prior to replacing the cable looking for answers. She was insisting the cable had a one piece solid SS rod on the end. While holding it in my hand I was trying to explain the design of the product that employees her but she didn’t get it and just kept reading her script. I kept asking her if the rod is a solid one piece part connected to the casing how does it move the engine.

It is 2 parts that slides over another hollow rod pushing and pulling the cable end to move the engine.

By the way, if you open that steering box up Teleflex will tell you it must be replaced for safety reasons. If you have a Teleflex box that is. It's very basic and comes apart as easy at it goes together.

Cable moved fine in the box. It’s on a gear so I would think the steel strand that wraps around the cable and engages the steering gear could be broke or damaged if you have play. Other than that there isn’t really anything that could cause play. The rod connects direct to the cable so no way for play to happen there. I would have to guess it’s in your steering box. 7 bolts will tell you very quickly if something is wrong in the box. Either the clutches (if you have any) or the cable in the box would be the only place any play can happen.

Lets us know how you made out.
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I found another forum that discussed Teleflex NFB systems and freeplay. Seems like a lot of boaters have similar experiences, 1/8 to 1/4 freeplay. The only fix was to convert to hydrolic steering. I am not going to do that at this time. I spoke to a marine surveyor about the play and he asked if it went away under speed. Good quextion I said so this past weekend I watched the motor response to wheel input wheile cruising at about 20 knots. The response was a lot better than at rest so for now I am going to live with the play. It's most obvious at close to idle (especially when docking)
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it could also ne the mounts in your motor, I was just thinking about that, as they get older and wear they move a little more freely, sometimes it will show as freeplay in the steering
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