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What To Do with Old Flour Tortillas?

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Got a bunch that are "out of date"......I buy packs of 10 to make Quesadilla and such, and we end up only using 6 each time......and by the next time we need them, they are "out of date".....

Now, for me, that is BS (what can go wrong except getting a bit stale <you're gonna crisp them anyway... >), but Donna is fussy with stuff like that , so I end up buying another package.

So.....I got a bunch that I hate to just toss, being my frugal self.....I know with corn tortillas you can deep or oven-fry toast them to make chips....but since these are flour.....

Any ideas?
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Did'nt ya say you have some chicken leftover? Pick it apart,add some veggies or what not,throw it on the grill for a minute and wa-la...Burritos on the Grill
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That might be fine for me on a solo night, but it ain't gonna wash with the boss.....she'll make me buy new ones for that....

I was thinking more along the line of chips, croutons, breadcrumbs or something like that.....something that they get sort of get buried and won't be any the wiser......

Maybe I'll take a few, spray them with oil, put them on sheet pan, top with some seasoning, and toss them in the oven for a bit and see what I get....sort of like pita chips?
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Steve -

I know what you mean - my wife wants all bread to be bakery fresh or forget it. go figure?

anyway - google Apple Salsa with Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

A friend of ours brought it to a party and it was fantastic. Even the kids that never touch fruit or veg ate it. perfect as an appetizer or snack or whatever - just eat it ;-)

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Well then change the date.According to several news reports Major supermarket chains do it all the time
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When in doubt-fry it.
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Mexican lasagna
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Cover them with peanut butter and bird seed and hang them from the Christmas Tree carcase that's rotting in your back yard.
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Feed the birds
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take a few, if they're the large ones, one single of american cheese ripped into chunks, then throw a slice or two of ham on it and a few dabs of salsa/taco sauce(optional). throw into microwave for 15 seconds, roll up and enjoy.
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Fry em. You can make chips out of flour tortillas. Our favorite Mexican restaurant out west used to serve a bowl of chips consisting of red, yellow, and blue corn chips mixed with flour chips. The flour chips were always my favorites.
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if you fry them whole then quickly remove them and flop them over a bowl you can form fried taco salad bowls. i'm sure you can figure out a taco salad... lettuce, tomatoe, onion, black beans, salsa, maybe some shreded chix, corn, cheese, whatever.... a dressing of sour cream mixed with salsa is very quick, easy, and delicious.

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Mexican Casserole

Use Crock pot

Mix refired beans, garlic powder (real is waaay better though), sliced black olice, shredded turke or chicken (or not, we've done this meatless many times)y, and sharp cheddar together in large bowl.

Layer of mexican Gravy on bottom of crock (stock, tomato paste, few herbs, flour to thicken slightly, chili powder to taste). Alternate layers of tortilla, bean mix, extra cheese, till reach top of crock. Pour remaining gravy over top of casserole. Cook on low for 6 to 8 hours. Serve with good chips and homemade sour cream. The tortillas will soften int the juices and she'll never know.
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