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Hax'n or Schweinehaxe (Pork Knuckle)

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My post on the Top Chef thread regarding beer and food made me think of my favorite beer/food pairing, which is Dunkel (Dark German Lager) with Pork... specifically, the Hax'n at Zum Schneider in NYC is a dream come true.

Does anyone have a recipe for Hax'n, also called Schweinehaxe? Seems to be pretty basic other than finding the specific cut of meat.... any and all tips are appreciated.
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Try googling Schweinshaxn or if you understand German, google Schweinshaxn mit Sauerkraut rezept.
Don't forget to put caraway seeds in the sauerkraut
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That looks like Eisbein. I couldn't tell you if that is the same as Haxe. I've only had it boiled and wouldn't exactly call it a treat. I thought Haxe might be a roasted version with crispy skin. I think the cut is just a big fresh ham hock.
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Same thing, It comes from an unsmoked pork hock.There are many ways to prepare it.
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Between the Dunkelweiss and the German pork, ya just brought me back to the few days I got to spend in Bavaria about 15 years ago.....
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I know what you mean Steve. I spent two years there.
How about a king sized jaegerschnitzel?
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Originally Posted by thirteenfoxtrot View Post
I know what you mean Steve. I spent two years there.

Whereabouts?......The few days I was there, I stayed in Moosburg for 3 days or so.....also had the opportunity to go to Heufeld for a morning/early afternoon, another larger town down the road from Moosburg , which the name escapes me right now (I think it starts with an "L", had a river running thru the center of town, and they had some tunnel thru a mountainside) for dinner one night, and an afternoon in Munich.

Moosburg was a quaint, cool little town with lots of neat shops and such.....except, nearly NO ONE spoke English, so I had to struggle with my two semesters of High School German and my German-English dictionary.....
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I was stationed in Amberg and traveled all over Bavaria. My unit (2nd ACR) was in charge of patrolling the entire Czech border during the Cold War. I got to go skiing in the Alps every February, went to the Oktoberfest in Munich twice and took a boat cruise down the Danube where they served venison tenderloin (one of the best meals I've ever had).
I'll get there back one of these years.
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Anyone ever have the Scheuferle in Franken? It's the shoulder blade, bone in, cut long ways, unreal.

The BOMB!!!

Bamberg has plenty, go to Schlenkerla Gasthaus. Have a Rauchbier while yer at it!
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Man does that stuff ever look good. Thanks for the pics.

Now I gotta clean the keyboard...and screen.
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