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Okuma Sentara

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Hey guys. This is my first post on the forum. There is a lot of good info here. I am just getting into surf/jetty fishing for stripers and blues from South Jersey and Delaware. I did a search and found some info on this, but I figured I would see if anyone had any updated opinions...I picked up an Okuma Sentara 8'M spinning combo at Dick's last week. I intend to use this combo for plugs and metals off the beaches and jetties. I know its not a top of the line set-up, but it seems pretty nice for starting out and the price was great...only paid about 65 bucks for it...last one in stock so the price was reduced. So, if anyone has any good or bad info about this eqiupment, lets hear it. Also, if anyone has any specs on the rod/reel let me know. I can't find any good info about it online. Thanks!
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The specs should be listed on the rod. Something like 12-20lb test 1-3 oz lures etc. It's usually just above the grip somewhere. Also the reel should indicate the size line to put on it. I have seen those rods in dicks from time to time. They are low end stuff but if that is what you can afford right now, it will certainly get you into some fish. However, if you can afford a little more money, I'd return them. Dicks sells shakespeare ugly sticks ($50) and penn reel like 550 ssg ($80) that are significantly better than what you bought. Ugly sticks and penn ssg's are not at the pinnacle of fishing tackle either but they will last a very very long time if properly cared. I can't imagine getting more than two trouble free seasons at best out of what you bought and some may consider that a stretch. I hope I'm not offending you. I'm jus ttrying to be honest. It's sort of pay now or pay later.
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Thanks Redfin. Not offended at all. I know that you get what you pay for. I was talking about more detailed specs on the rod, i.e. rod/reel materials, guides type, etc. No big deal though. I was thinking of returning the combo and upgrading, that's why I posted this question to see if anyone else had any opinions. I made the purchase because it was the last one available and places in my area don't really have a ton of equipment in the 8' range, which is what I want. I think I could make out ok with the rod, I feel the reel could be crap however. Anyone else have any opinions?
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Hi Nic. I don't know anything about the combo you bought. I think the 8' rod is ok for a jetty, but not from the surf. I use primarily, 10' rods, from the R.I. rocks. I also use 11' and occasionally, my 12'ers.
IMO, if you are going to get into this thing we do, search the info that you require. This site has a ton of it. Take a look at the SurfKing rods, in the online store, I have the 10'er, and think it's a great pluggin' rod.
Reels? IMO, there are decent Okuma reels out there, the Salina, Alumina, and the online store has some decent Tica reels, at a very good price.
I hope you find what you are looking for.
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Ok guys. I did some looking around on the Online store and a few other places online. My Okuma is getting returned, unless convinced otherwise. Ya win some ya loose some. I like the Penn ssg reels...they seem like good value for a proven performer. Anyone have any other suggestions for a reel in that price range? I was also looking at the Penn Power Stick surf rods and the Tica surf rods in the 60-70 dollar range. They seem to get decent reviews. I want to stay with something with the cork tape grip but can't afford a St. Croix or Lami at this point...I hate wet foam. What are your thoughts? Also, they have several different powers in the 8' series. What type of lure wt range should I be looking for. Again, I'll be fishing mostly in South Jersey and Delaware with lures. Thanks for your help guys. I've learned a lot already.
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I started with that exact setup. Good for throwing smaller lures from shore on Rivers, etc. I also used mine a lot for throwing lures from the boat. Not a bad set up for the money. It is now my back up and/or the setup I let friends use. I graduated to a 9' Tica Dolphin with an Okuma Salina SA-55 for shore use and and an 8' Tsunami Airwave with a Salina SA-45 for the boat. You can find the Tsunami Airwaves (8' - 12') on ebay for under $100 (my 9' was $76 w/ free shipping) and the Salina's on ebay for $70-$100 (both my Salina's I got for around $70 each). So, each of these setups only cost me around $140 without line. Much better than the Sentara and not much more money.
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Thanks Devo. Those Salina's look sweet. I have had really good luck with the Okuma reels in freshwater. They are great for the price in my opinion. I'm just startin out in the salt though...want to make sure I get something versatile that I can use for a while.
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