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Abu UC 6500 C

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selling this Abu Ultra-Cast 6500 C
5.1:1 level-wind reel w/clicker
this is a nice reel,i'm the oringinal owner
spooled w/what looks like 30lb pp,used maybe a 10 times
for fluke
in the box w/booklet brakes and wrench(oil gone)
$65 plus shipping
first "i'll take it"
thanks for looking,more pics if you need them
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i'll take it if you'll do $60 including shipping.. .. send me a pm for where i can send a mo to if you accept my offer..
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ok,i can do that TB
i'll pm info

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it'll be my sons first abu!!
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good deal
i think this was one of,if not my first also
he will love it

sold to TB
thread closed
thanks TB and sol
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