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Hey Tammy !

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Originally Posted by TLDig

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Would you guys that are going please find featured fly tyer John Kumiski and give him a big fat smooch on the cheek for me???

Tell him I miss my favorite fishing bud.



Originally Posted by Sudsy

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My 11 year old has started tying so I'll be bringing him along to watch some of the masters at their craft (and see what kind of goodies I can find )

Sudsy... tell John that I told him to make sure your kid goes home with a fly he tied.

Tam, you'll be glad to know the kid is now officially hooked. John took him behind the table and taught him how to tie a Clouser. Must have spent at least 1/2 hour working with him.

Thanks for the intro, Johns a heck of a nice guy and a very good teacher - Ryan really took right to him.

Could you e-mail these shots to him and let him know that as soon as Ryan got home he went straight his room to hang Johns fly on the wall and then to the vice and spent the entire night tying away

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man i love that guy. sure do miss fishing with him. there's not a more fun person to go exploring with than that man right there.

who else sings zappa whilst kayaking through a previously unexplored salt marsh????

did you tell him hi for me?

i emailed him the whole link.

those right there are good pictures... and you met one of the finest fishermen around right there. and one of my best friends.
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Your son was sitting right in front of mine yesterday in the free tying lesson for kids. He was doing a great job. Mine is hooked as well.
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John writes back:

Glad I can lead kids into that labrynth we call fly fishing. There's no
escape! Arrgghhhhh!!!!!
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Can't believe it's been a whole year

The Symposium is today, I'll be heading up with my not so little little guy again.
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make it a point to check out Bob Mead.

if it's the same Bob Mead I think it is, his work is amazing. Hopefully he has one of his mosquito flies with him. I've got one downstairs packed away. Completely awesome!!
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Hung out with Bob for a long time. You were right, great guy, lot of laughs. The mosquito fly is amazing. The $600 walking stick fly is so perfect i was tempted to squash it.

Ryan and I learned to tie one of his ladybug flies

He says hello
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Remember Guys
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He needs a haircut.

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Originally Posted by Sudsy View Post

Ryan and I learned to tie one of his ladybug flies

awesome! let's see those ladybug flies!
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