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Ramapo Reservation

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Swung by the Ramapo Reservation on 202 this weekend. Didn't have gear with me, but thought I would ask how people do there. Seems to be a variety of fish to target, trout in the Ramapo River, trout and LMB in Scarlet Oak Pond, and LMB up the hill in MacMillan Reservoir. Is Bear Swamp Lake walkable from MacMillan?
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No Fish in Bear Swamp Don't bother..McMillan Resevoir is waste of time also..better luck with other places
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Bear Swamp Lake is a few mile hike up through the woods from the reservation lot. It's easier to access from Bear Swamp Road off of 202. It's paved all the way up to the lake, it's still a couple mile hike but it's all paved road. I have never fished it but others have told me it's only so-so fishing at best. I was up close to there this weekend and almost got hit by some illegal dirt bikers/Atv riders. As for trout, it's best to hit the river during the stocking seasons, some trout do holdover but it's really slow and the warmwater species get to be a pain.
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Go to lake on Skyland Rd on to of the mountain, plenty of bass up there as well as pickerel and pan fish.

If you want trout go to the Big Flett Brook or the Pequest near Budd Lake.
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Hey every one first post, Ramapo reservation is a excellent fishing location to those who don't want to "waste their time" that's fine more for the ones who do biggrin.gif I've fished macmillan reservoir twice so far this year both times great bass fishing landed over 12 lmb missed a few nice ones unfortunately get there early in the a.m and your golden enjoy and be careful
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Don't hold your breath on summer holdover trout in the ramapo, there is a trout production trib that has very limited access. However, the ramapo does have panfish and smallies, but its slow fishing. Scarlett oak pond is hit or miss, the reservoir & lake up the hill are were you want to be.
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used to live sloatsburg across the from the ramapo river. was fishing there in the summer on time. wading in shorts and sneakers. the water was warm. walked up to a very small feeder brook. instantly the water was much colder. there were trout all packed in the cooler water. live minnows work very well there and will catck some very nice trout.

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