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For Sale: Shimano Torium 16

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Shimano Torium 16 with 250yds+ of 55lb Daiwa Boat Braid. It is the line with changing colors. This line has a black mark for every meter and changes color entirely every 10 meters.

The reel on the left is the one for sale. I took a picture of both just in case someone thought I was reselling the reel I recently purchased from Mickrazz. The reel I purchased from him is the one on the right.

I have brought this reel on a boat 4 times and used it twice. It has been rinsed off after each trip it was used. Cosmetics is 9.5/10 and functionality is 10/10. Box and papers are included as you can see.

I payed $180 for the reel and the line. Would like to get $155 Shipped.

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Are both reels Torium 16's?
Would you be will to trade?
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Originally Posted by jordanp View Post
Are both reels Torium 16's?
Would you be will to trade?

Hey P,

Yes, both reels are Shimano Torium 16's. It may be the angle/light that is screwing the pic up. Only the one on the left with the colored line is for sale though.

Trade? What did you have in mind? I prefer cash, but then again, some offers just cannot be refused...

Btw, how are you doing? How is CD?
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I might be interested.

However, I'm wondering why you'd buy a used torium 16 from another person and then sell your torium 16. Unless there's something wrong with your reel, it doesn't make sense to me.

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The truth be told, I bought it because I wanted to keep my word.

I needed a reel for blackfishing around thanksgiving last year and my friend said that he had one for me. This is the one with the colored braid. However, he was in school and it would be some time before I could get the reel.

At around the same time, Mickrazz posted the same reel for sale on the BST forum. He said that he could have it to me before thanksgiving, and even placed trust in me, sending me the reel before I had made payment on it. Since then, I have met Mickrazz and he is the A-Class gentleman who placed his trust in me.

However, not wanting to rescind my offer to my friend, I purchased the reel from him as well. I carried it with me as backup, and it provided useful on the two occassions I mentioned. However, having two of the exact same reels just seemed pointless, and the money I spent on it could be better used elsewhere.

Bobby, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this reel. As my story states, it was more of a timing/ keeping a promise issue more than anything. If at all possible, I will even let you inspect the reel before your purchase it. I would not want you to purchase that you feel there is something wrong with. I want to maintain the faith and the respect that most of the gentlemen on this forum have displayed.

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you need a Penn squidder new in box?
A fishing rod?
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I know you looking for cash, but I'm also interested in a trade.
would you be intersted in surf or boat gear?

how about plugs? i can probably put together a few RM Smiths and some other swimmers, bronco bag, etc...
let me know
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Thank you for your offer. Although I am sure you could put some kind of package together, JordanP was the first to offer me a trade.

However, I did advise him that I am looking for cash.

I will leave it up for a few days to see if anyone wants to offer cash.

Afterwards, I would like to offer JordanP first crack at a trade offer.

If that falls through, I will then work it out with you.

I hope his is acceptable to you.

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Sounds fair. Keep me posted. I appreciate the courtesy
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Bump to the top!
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Hi there, since you met Mick, are you located somewhere central -south NJ?
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I'm actually in Long Island but I shoot over that way quite often to blackfish.

I met Mick on the TogPatrick. Fine gentleman he is.
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I would give you 130 in cash, don't need the braid. Could meet you somewhere along the Jersey Shore or Raritan Bay, Hoboken or Jersey City.
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I know you wanted to give it a few days...
To modify my orignal offer, would you be open to combination of trade and cash? Let me know and I'll put something together.
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