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Wading the Keys

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Are there any books out there on wade fishing the Florida Keys. I'm going to Marathon, FL for a wedding on Nov. 1 and have decided to extend my stay until November 9th!

I seem to rembember a book or booklet that described the wading sports along the length of the Keys by using mile marker designations to zero in on excellent wade fly fishing sites.

Or maybe it was in a magazine article?
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don't spend your $ on a book. If you go and do a search on the Fla sec. ( or most any section for that matter) you'll get a wealth of info from SOL folks that go down all the time.
I went last year and got lots of good info on places, gear, flies, etc. Everyone was really helpfull.
A couple of good spots: Long Key, and Boni Honda. Shrimp patterns ( make sure you tie in a weed guard) 9wt, with floating line. You'll be fishing skinny water.
The book will make good reading on the flight down though.
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Thanks maineskiff! I'll do that florida inquiry!
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Bahia Honda has some nice flats for wading and it's just down the road from Marathon. Park by the marina (they're pretty strict about parking along the road so I'd advise against it) in the State Park and hit the beach.

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Check Florida Sportsman online, they've got a great sticky on wading the keys.
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Hi RJ.

I have a book I bought when I was headed to the keys for the first time a few years ago. It covers tackle, tips and had maps of all the keys with suggested fishing locations. I ended up only fishing a little bit while I was there, but the book was helpful. If you PM me your address i would be happy to send it to you.

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RJ, if you make a thread, pm me the link.
I'm thinking about taking a break between Carribean deliveries and camping down around there somewhere and wade fishing hard.
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