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Correct way to shorten rod?

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I have read threads where people have mentioned shortening their rods,
fishing rods, is there a correct or prefered way to do this? Do you cut from the tip or from the butt.
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sometimes both.

Using a japanese cabinetmaking saw, kerf saw, or utility knife is a preferable way to cut the tip than, say, slamming it in a car door.
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Don't cut the tip, you don't want to mess with the top action! How much are you looking to shorten?
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people cut the tips specifically to change the top action, if that is what they want.
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if your looking to shorten WITHOUT affecting action cut from the butt- this is the easiest method for adjusting overall length.

If you want to stiffen a rod such as the Breakaway LDX, you can trim 6" from the tip to turn it from a 3- 5 oz rod into a 8 & bait rod. Trimming the tip is more delicate work, but can be done.

In some cases trimming will void warranties- so check first, if this is a concern.
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Slam it in the car door.
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Loan it out to someone...
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It is correct that trimming the butt will not significantly change the rod action. Trimming the tip will stiffen the action but there is no formula because it is dependant on the general flex pattern of the tip. I would not "fly by the seat of my pants" when cutting a tip unless you are on the road to becoming a rod expert.

The best way to cut a rod is with a Dremel type tool using an abrasive cut off wheel. It is almost impossible to splinter the cut with this (provided you support the two pieces as they are cut). You can also cut a rod with a very fine toothed hacksaw using a very light touch but this requires more caution. If you are cutting a butt, mark and make square the anticipated cut by wrapping some masking tape around the rod. - HPD
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The best way IMO is the dremel or similar cut off wheel but don't just chop through from one side. Rotate the blank and feed the cutoff wheel into the blank as you rotate the rod. that way when you break through , you have just a very thin wall at the end and not a spot that could snap and hinge and strip down the fibers lengthwise. If you mess up a butt cut you will hardly know. If you mess up the tip cut , kiss the rod goodbye.
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Use a file and take your time. Dremel is ok too if you go slow...
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you can prevent most potential stripping of fibers when cutting a tip by first scoring the circumference gently. I take a utility knife of exacto and "roll" the rod (easier if its a two piece rod and you can hold the upper part alone) under the knife blade, pressing gently so as to cut into the rod perpendicular to the length, but not crushing it.

Once it is scored (essentially the fibers at the surface are cut) you can cut with your prefered method to complete it.
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Just wrap a piece of blue masking tape around the area you want to cut and take a fine tooth hacksaw and cut nice and easy. It's not rocket science you don't need any special tools to cut through a blank. If you have a general idea of what you want to cut because you have a friend that successfully made the same cut on the same blank then you really can't mess it up. Just cut a little off at a time until you get what you want. Cut too much and you can't fix it. Common sense...
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THANKS, for the insight. I don't intend to shorten my rod,but I did learn the how's and why's of doing it. Thanks again
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Everybody gets an opinion but I don't think I would ever use a hack saw on a rod blank. I already described what I consider best and if I couldn't do that I would use a file if I had to but never , ever would I use a hacksaw blade. God bless if you have been able to do this successfully.

You may get away with it 9 times but the tenth on that $400 UK imported blank , what can go wrong will and then you will realize that isn't the best method.

Anyway , surprised this question isn't on the rod building board.
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why would you need to shorten it?
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