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Best Redfish Bait?!

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I need to know good bait for redfish that you can buy at a bait shop because I don't have a boat.(goin fishing this weekend)

Thanks, True Fisherman
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where are you going fishing? i dunno if the redfish in your state loves the same bait as in my state.
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East coast of florida
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As far as bait I think small live croaker is the best but they are hard to keep alive or live shrimp under a poping cork is good. With the live shrimp you will also catch sea trout. For lures a weedless gold spoon has done well for me.
Good luck!
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Ditto the live shrimp. For artificials, the natural shrimp gulps will work.
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you mean you are where i am from? easct coast of florida?

i have plenty more of you want to see. where do you fish? maybe i can give pointers.
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I lived in Charleston, SC for five years. My vote would be from the beach: bunker or mackeral chunks, from a boat either live shrimp, live mullet (menhaden there) or red 1oz jig heads with electric chicken patterned soft plastics. If you're fishing the flats try a brass clarks spoon or a DOA shrimp
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gold weedless spoon dressed with 4 inch grub
1/4 ounze leadhead with gulp shrimp or gulp grub
1/4 ounze leadhead with grub or bass assassin swim shad electric chicken
doa shrimp
zara spook

bunker, mullet, blue crabs, live shrimp, live croakers, any common live forage species found in salt marshes

red drum will eat everything most of the time
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These were caught on mud minnows under popping corks. This was July near Hilton Head Island.
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If you're fishing in FL

Go to Sebastian Inlet and use large shrimp on a 1/4 ounce and walk the dog at the begining of the out going tide.

You can also do this on White 3" Gulps.
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I like fresh bluefish chunks followed clsoely by fresh mullet chunks or large fresh finger mullet.
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if there are crabs in the area, half of a dollar crab or a quarter adult blue crab. baitfish wise, if its under 7 inches and live , use it whole; if its over that size and/or dead chunk it.
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Mirrolure mirrodine get natural colors or blue back orange belly or the new c-eyes in green back chartreuse middle white belly
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Redfish Magic spinnerbait by Strike King. Should work fine the way it is and I've swapped out the worn out plastic with Gulp Mullet and had a lot of success with reds.
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If you can throw a cast net, be patient most places a school of finger mullet will swim close enough to throw on. Be very fast, they can turn on a dime. Use live or cut. Also, in season live shrimp can be caught from shore in some places, keep in mind every thing and everyone love's shrimp.Tight lines? 

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