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Waders-Neoprene 3.5 or 5.5mm

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Have been using breathable waders my short time in the surf. I'm looking for neoprene for the colder months. What are the advantages-disadvantages between 3.5 and 5.5 mm neoprenes? I know thickness will keep one warmer, but how is the overall movement in thicker one compare? Will I lose the mobility for warmth?

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The increased thickness of neoprene will definitely decrease your range of motion. It's kind of like adding layers for cold outside activites. A pair of jeans over a light pair of long johns is pretty nice but insulated bibs over a pair of flannel lined jeans is a bit cumbersome. You can still move but it is restricting.

The other thing that I have found is that the thicker neoprene wear you out! Because the material has to stretch as you walk, (unless your waders fit a lot better than mine) it takes a lot of energy to stretch the thicker neoprene.
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just wear layers under your breathables. considering the ammount of movement it takes to surfcast yoru more likely to sweat even in december with breathables and layers. add neoprene and you may find yourself going right back to the breathables. i know for myself with my extra padding (fat) i stay pretty warm up until feb.
try the breathables on some cold days and if u think u need the neos, then go for them
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I wear breathables right through the winter and I do ALOT of COLD water fishing. In Pulaski, I fish the Salmon River whcih is about 33 degreess all winter and it gets to be -5 to -20 and I ALWAYS wear breathables.. I wear thin fleece pants, 300 weight fleece pnats and my breathables, and Ive never been cold yet!!

I tried Neoprene several times (5mm) and I froze my butt off. all the wetness that does not escape from your waders, makes you cold. you breathables and buy fleece, you'll be much more comfortable.

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3.5 Neo's in the fall/early winter cause the air's colder than the water. My feet get cold in Breathables. 5.5 neo's in the spring especially if you're standing in the back waist deep in cold water. To each his own. I'd love it if I was comfortable year round with Breathables but I'm not so I have 5.5 Neo's and Breathables.
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Are these waders suppose to fit tight to the body? I felt like I can't even walk in one (the size that fits me) of these when I try them on. I don't think I can even fit more cloths under it.
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I've the same problem with neoprene so I got me a breathable last year.
I've worn them without problems until the end of november but I notice that the booties (3 mm neoprene) satarted to wear out; Do you wear boots or shoes with them?
If yes can somedy point a brand?

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You're right. Thanks all. I was remembering the early springs and how cold it was wading waist deep. I remember using toe warmers to keep the toes cozy. Fall fishing is more about movement and the water is still warm enough. 5.5mm neos for spring fishing though.
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