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New World Record Croaker

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The biggest Atlantic croaker ever caught was landed today by Norman Jenkins of Portsmouth.
Flounder fishing off New Point Light near Mathews County, Jenkins landed an 8-pound, 11-ounce croaker that shattered both the state and world record for the species. The International Game Fish Association all-tackle record for the species – a member of the drum family – weighed 5-8 and was caught in 2000 off the Alabama coast.
The Virginia mark of 5-13 was caught by Jim Mitchem in 1982 at the Cell, not too far from where Jenkins caught his fish. The Virginia record fish was caught before the IGFA began keeping records on the species.
My fishing buddy, Sammy Brooks, netted it and he thought it was a small black drum," Jenkins said. "Then it croaked. We measured it and said that if it really was a croaker, it was some kind of record.
"It's a croaker."
The fish was certified by Virginia Saltwater Fishing Tournament representative Jerry Thrash of Queen's Creek Outfitters in Matthews.
Jenkins is giving the fish to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science for study, and having a reproduction mount made.
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thats my home town!!! man thats a big croaker, where he got it weighed in at is where i get my bait. lol man and i go fishing by the light house all the time too. congrats to him.
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Holy smokes thats a monster. If it weren't for croaker I wouldn't have anything to catch.

Thanks for the post RACN35.
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Great!!! and I thought mine was big!!! only 17". Keep it up. john
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