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Crabbing Boat

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This boat is a perfect crabbing boat. Many bushels have been caught from this boat. Crabbing Equipment will be included. It's ready for the water. The motor is only 1 year old. There are 2 years left on the warranty and it can be transferred. There is a clean title for the boat and trailer. Asking $4,000. The boat is located in Bowie, MD.

- 2006 Yamaha F25 4 Stroke Outboard w/ 35 hours
- 900 feet of snoodline w/ 2 anchors, chains, lines, and floats
- custom made prop-stick
- 10 traps
- saftey equipment
- nylon dipping net
- outboard tilter
- 6 gallon gas tank
- bushel basket

Side View

Front View

Front Deck

Back View

Custom Propstick while running snoodline.

Results from this crabbing machine.
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tommy,i'll take the crabs!i didn't even get to ride that boat.
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Why the smiley faces? Are you doing something illegal, or is the boat Hot!?
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They were pretty tastey . You can take a ride in my new boat. We can hit the outer wall next month.
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Originally Posted by kevnmary View Post
Why the smiley faces? Are you doing something illegal, or is the boat Hot!?

Some of my family and friends are sensitive about putting their pics on public sites. I didn't want to cause any friction between them.
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I am pretty sure I have seen some of your family members in Walmart.
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robert,tommy is my cousin and he is just trying to sell his are not even funny with your walmart rn joke.
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It's all good. No harm done. He was just referring to the Walmart discount smiley face . I will even take you out and show you how to run the snoodline, if you buy my boat.
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How can you tell the twins apart? Man they are identical.
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