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Frog Tongue Molds

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Where can I buy a Frog Tongue molg?
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I've been looking for years with no luck.

Somebody please hook me up too !!
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Is this a riddle? Pet store?
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I sometimes use Frog Tongue sinkers...all I got to say is they are SOB's to reel in...the top is sort of concaved w/ sharp edges...when you reel them they dig in like a shovel...

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AKA: Cows Tongue sinker

The best sinker there is in soft sand situations. Wave action causes it to burrow nose down into the sand, the bulldozer like face holds it in tight - A 3 oz Frogs tongue will hold as well or better then a 6 oz Hatteras style.

Poppy, reel fast
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Like these?

Found these at a site called Collins Customs.
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just make a mold out of bondo and ** all set
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Sudsy, there is a better sinker out there for doing what you say the FT does. Except it's not a pia to get back, and in fact generally a 2oz reduction in sinker weight can be used. You know what a "storm" sinker is, picture that chunk of lead with a round ball of lead at the skinny end. When it's out there, the ball end will start to dig itself in. unlike a FT you don't have to reel it in some to set it. At the "point" (Hatteras) fishing the conga line a 6oz will drift right along with the 8 & 10oz's everybody else is using. The reduction in weight cast, makes for a longer cast. When time comes to reel it in they don't dig in like the FT, so it comes in faster. There are molds for them from 2oz-8oz.
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I looked at having collins making me a mold for a frog toungue a few years back. It was well over 100$ for the mold so I didnt get one. Not sure what the prices are now.
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still over 100 at collins Ijust looked into it a couple weeks ago.
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What's a good price for a mold?

I'll look around, see if I can find anything.
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Originally Posted by Capper View Post
What's a good price for a mold?

For a sinker mold, somewhere around $28-$34 beans is a fair price.

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that is a good price for a mold that is custom made and are hard to find. Just to pricey for me.
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