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Charlton Reel

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Hey folks,

I was cleaning my fly line last night, and after pulling the line on and off the reel a couple of times, the reel no longer has any drag and just free spools. I am totally bummed!! It's obvious that something internally has come undone, I can hear something loose inside when I shake it.

So, anyone know how to open one up? or, where it can be sent to be repaired? I don't believe Jack Charlton still produces reels, and since he sold to 3M, I'm not sure where/who might service this puppy. The reel is a 8450C.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I love this reel and it pretty much is useless right now.
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Scientific Anglers is repairing all Chalton reels. Contact them in Midland, Michigan. Ask for Jake Clay at 989.496.1114. Let us know how it works out.
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that is great info... Thank You! I'll be contacting them
on Monday. :-)
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What's going on Lars?
You catching any fish?

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Hey Ken,

fishing the river pretty much daily.
lot's of smallies on Kenny's do nuthin's :-)
missing our bud a bunch...

you been catchin'?
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I've been plugging stripers from the jettys whenever I can get out.
Been even catching a few some days.
Watched a guy get a nice one on the fly from a boat last night.
Been missing Ken a bunch too,was talking about him with a guy at the beach last night.

"Pretty much daily" ...good to see your back into the swing of it again.

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Sounds like the clutch dog(s) are loose (or possibly the spring or springs are loose or broken). It is usually an easy fix, but I am not familiar with the inner working of the Charltons. SA should take care of the problem quickly.
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I sent mine back. It took some time to get back, but eventually Sci Angler fixed it and its fine now.
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I spoke with Jake Clay at Sci Anglers today. The reels going in for repair, hopefully it will be back as good as new before too long.

Thanks to all for the guidance!
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