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Making your own rigs etc

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The cost of lures and rigs is really putting a hurting on my wallet and the quality is not as good as some homemade ones I see.

I like to fish for fluke, weakfish, stripers, nothing way off sure like tuna or anything like that.

Does SOL offer or does anyone know of where there are any classes or demos on how to make your own?
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There's a lure building forum here:

What do you mean by "rigs"?
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For lure making: If cost savings is your goal, buy your lures from the on-line store, the BST, and at fishing shows. You will save a bundle over making your own. Besides these lure makers are the brain surgeons and rocket scientists of their craft.

For rig making: You can save a bundle making your own. A little practice with snell knots, perfection loops, and a few other knots and you're on your own. I was at a show over the winter and asked a guy with a wall of rigs where he got them all. He makes his own. I think he saw that I was blown away, and since it was dead at the show he took 10 minutes and showed me how he made some. I bought a bunch for a dollar or two apiece and spent the rest of the winter practicing and bingo, I'm a rig making rocket scientist.
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I make all of my own now...It's nice making your own length, hook placement, etc.....
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Originally Posted by Capper View Post
There's a lure building forum here:

What do you mean by "rigs"?

Thanks. I have checked it out but it seems to be mostly plugs but I should look closer. I may be missing things.

I mean rigs as in fluke rigs, etc. I like the suggestion of going to a show in the winter. I have tried the knots and some ideas from pictures here and guides on the web but I'd probably do better having someone show me the knots.
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I basically get 50lb test for my rig material and size 5/0-9/0 for striper rigs....I just made a ton of kingfish rigs for fishing in jersey...1/0 hooks and small floats on the dropper loop....check out a site called animated knots and it should help you out....and this...
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You might try to locate a copy of the Vlad Evanoff book Fishing Rigs for Fresh & Salt Water.
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buy a book on knots and a spool of cheap 30# mono like ande. there is a book on knots by left kreh and mark sosin. read the instructions and practice the knots. i am like you when it comes to knots, it is easier if someone shows me but that isnt always possible. by using the book you will be teaching yourself and you will never forget. dont expect to tie a perfect knot the first few times you try. eventually you will get it though and don't stop when you think you have it down, tie another 20 and then when you think you really have it down tie 10 more next to a fan, then tie 10 more with your eyes closed. i dont know of any classes but im sure they exist somplace. knots are one of those things that every fishermen should have down cold, i dont think you need to memorize 1\\thousands of knots either, you could probably make any possible rig you need by learning 5 or 6 knots, i would learn the clinch, uni, albright, snell, dropper loop, surgeons loop and either a bimini twist and/or spider hitch. .02
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I make all my own rigs for surf and inlet. I use to make and sell them on ebay but for the time envolved it was worth it. It takes time to learn the many knots and what lb of line works the best. I primarly use 50lb for my inlet rigs, surf bait rigs and 20lb for my flounder rigs. I use to make steel leader rigs for trolling and bluefish but that gets to be a real pita, with twisting and crimping and if you kink it its wasted. Making your own rigs allows you to experament if you have the time to do it.
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If you go to, there are some really good knot tying videos there. Type in fishing knots and see all that come up.
There was also some fly tying/bucktail tying videos there.
Goodluck, I make rigs myself, but no plugs...yet.
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try this
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Buy a Tie-fast tool. I tie 80 pound leaders in less then a minute. I can snell a hook on a leader just as fast.
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I'll second that. One of the best little tools I use.
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Leaders for chunking ? 1/0 barrel swivel,,50lb mono,,7/0 hook , palomar knot.
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