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Choosing a surf Rod

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I've been thinking of sneaking a new rod past my wife. I now have a 7' salt striker and a 12' ugly that I think I'm working pretty good. (I dont know how you guys measure) Is a heaver weight capacity good? I'm thinking distance casting bait. (Is it different poles for casting lures?) NO bigger than 12' two piece I'ld like to keep it under a hundred bucks spin reel. I've considered conv. but not sure if the distance is worth the maintenance trouble. maybee a combo with good surf reel for around 200
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i'm no expert but here is my .02. I own 5 surf rods. I have 2 twelve foot ugly stiks, 1 8 foot ugly stik, 1 8' power stik (thats the same as an ugly stik but made by Pinnicle but halve the price) and a 9' Star rod that cost $200, but I cut about 10 inches off the butt to make it alittle easier to handel for lures. While I do not set up all 4 rods at once I always have 2 rods out plus the star rod that I always have set up to cast some sort of lure. Now with that said, I have always owned ugly stiks and really feel compfortable using them. As much torture and abuse I but them threw I have never had a problem with any of them other then the 8' ugly stik and the varnish flaking off. However I also love my star rod, but I would not go out and buy 2 12' star rods when I have 2 perfectly fine ugly stiks. Personally you have used ugly stiks and know what you will get out of them and I am sure you have adapped certain ways with that rod that may be different with another rod. Also, 98% of the time I have cut bait on the 12' rods or a mullet rig. On the 2 8' rods I use high low rigs. I have never casted a lure with the 12' rods or the 8' rods, they are 2 heavy. Thats why I bought the Star rod, its only rated up to 4 oz where the 12' are rated over 10 oz and the 8' rods are rated to 6 or 7 oz. I also run shimano baitrunners on all of them but the star rod I just bought a Tica Libra 4000 to replace an Okuma Expixor 65 baitrunner that did not handle salt and sand to well. Also, a 12' ugly stik with a Shimano 6500 baitrunner, probaly around $180 add the line( I use power pro on everything but the Tica which has Suffix it on it) you be alittle over $200.
Good luck
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Ok what about the action of rod and how it loads. If explained it would help me pick the right one for my cast. (slightly tilted overhead) It feels like i'ld like it to bend less in the middle when loading. what about weight is more better for distance or less?
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Are you looking to throw bait all the time with it or lures? My 12' ugly stik I have only ever thrown 6 oz or less. I get more distance out of a 3 or a 4, when you start going higher yo ureally have to swing it. If your going to just thow lures then Iwould go down to a 8' rod thats medium action that can go up to 4 oz. You really won't need any more then that for lures. I have never really took noticed of the bend in the middle of the ugly stick, but when I bought them I new I was going to be using them for throwing bait and I wanted something that was stiff and heavy that I could really load up to cast with. With that said, if you like your ugly stik why change it?
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I want a surf rod to cast bait with 2-8 once weight. I think my 7' salt striker will do good for lures. I was under the impression that a 12' foot ugly was just a beginner rod and others where better at getting out was I wrong? I just wanted another big surf rod to go with the Ugly. Is the Ugly the best for the money?
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Originally Posted by MCL169 View Post
I want a surf rod to cast bait with 2-8 once weight.

that is a pretty wide range you want to cover !! a rod that will throw 2 oz will not throw 8 ounces !!

......others where better at getting out was I wrong?

nope there are a lot of 'other' rods out there that are better

Is the Ugly the best for the money?

imho NO!!
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The Penn Guide Series rods are relatively cheap and of good quality on par with some of the better rods. However, they don't break down into two equal pieces.
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so will a rod throw heavy or lighter weights farther. what a bout the current the light weights wont hold can some one recommend a rod that will cast better than the ugly. fast action I guess.
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The very best 12' factory heaver on the market in your price range, at least IMHO, is the Ocean Master series from Bass Pro. You can pick it up for about $120.

There are two OM 12' surf rods, a light version as well as a heavy version. The Ocean Master light is rated from 3oz-6oz. The heavy one is rated from 4oz-8oz.

However, both those rods will throw a little more weight than they're rated.

I don't know of a 12' (or bigger) factory rod that will throw 2oz-8oz.
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thanks for the input I'll check that out and any other RECOMENDATIONS.
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A while ago I looked around for a set with similar budget.
A combo set (still avail. from couple of sites - google) of Daiwa Emcast and Ocean Master looked very good at around $150.
You could end up with a nice set plus spool of 65# braid and a plug or two...

Good luck and cheers!
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