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Trolling Bunker Spoons

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Can I troll bunker spoons on power pro w/o a downrigger or a planer? I'm wondering if I can get it down far enough with power pro?
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It is but you will need a drail or keel sinker to get the depth you need. I would also suggest glass rods, the shock of a fish nailing a spoon with blow up a graphite rod.
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Originally Posted by wasy View Post
Can I troll bunker spoons on power pro w/o a downrigger or a planer? I'm wondering if I can get it down far enough with power pro?

That all depends on how far you want to get them down. How deep are you going to be trolling? You could probably get one down with a planer + drail maybe 30 feet? But if you are trolling deeper water 50-60 you're gonna need wire. Spoons should be fished near the bottom so you might be limited with a planer/drail depending on how deep of water you are in.
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I will be trolling 40-50 ft so I only need to get it down to about 30'. Please explain a drail, is it nothing more than a weight (is it a special type of weight) tied to the front portion of the mono maybe 15 ft or so before the spoon?
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a drail is a torpedo shaped sinker with a bead chain on both ends!
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If I were in your shoes (unfortunately I'm not a boat owner) i'd bite the bullet and buy a few wire line trolling set ups. It's gonna save you some hassle in the long run. Trying to troll spoon without the right tackle is only going to cause problems for you. Like spoons not swimming or not hitting the depth you want. As others have stated you need to get those spoons DOWN to the bottom. Braid and a drail will get you down if your fishing 15-25' of water but trolling the depths is much easier and more productive with wire.
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I have run both, wire and braid, and now I only run braid. Wire is just to much to hassle with anymore compared to braid and its equally effective. You simply don't need wire to run spoons right.

wasy, send me an email if you'd like more info.
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I tried trolling spoons with braid a few years ago. I found that the size of the drail needed to get down below 40 ft was hampering the action of the spoon. I use braid for trolling shad rigs and such. It is much easier than wire and you can mark it with a permanent marker instead of messing with telephone wire or any of the other wire line marking methods. I troll spoons with wire though.
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I found that long rods (9') make the spoons work better! Just my 2 cents.
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run stretches. u can do that on braid.
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To answer your original question, I doubt bunker spoons would work with either a downrigger or a planer. A properly working spoon would pop off the downrigger or trip the planer too often.

You can, as has been mentioned before, use braid. The trick is to have enough leader between the drail and the spoon, otherwise the weight will kill the spoon's action. I run about 15 feet of 80# test between the spoon and the drail. Although this works, wire is probably still the best method to get a spoon down deep and working properly.

As DBK says, stretch plugs and other deep divers are perfect for braid, but they will only get you down so deep.
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