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Power Pro Vs. Sufix Performance braid

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So, what's the consensus on this one?

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Some like Power Pro and some like Suffix
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okay, guess that answers that
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I like both
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Never tried the Suffix but here's a clue about power pro, It is great! casts very well and had great strength.


the bad thing about Power Pro is that it cuts/nicks very easily. I wouldn't recommend using it around any structure. No wreck. No rigs. No shell bottlom. If you are gonna be fishing the open surf where there's no way a fish can put you across anything sharp or abrasive then I'd say go for it.
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In the thinner diameter say 20# I don't notice much of a difference. When you start going larger say 50-65# the Sufix is a lot better in my opinion. I get less "issues" with it like wind knots, getting caught on the spool knob, line twist, and mysterious knots????. I also, think it has a little better abrasion resistance but neither are even close to say Fireline if fishing around rocks.

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Started using sufix last season......all my braid reels are now Sufix. NO issues whatsoever.

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Originally Posted by moroneseeker View Post
So, what's the consensus on this one?

the consensus is there is no consensus. plenty of stuff posted in the past, do a search and you'll find plenty of good information and opinions.
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Power Pro is good (if you don't get a spool with defects) Haven't had defective suffix yet but also haven't purchased as much of it as I have PP.
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powerpro because less wind knots for me
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Suffix all the way.
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I've never had a problem with PP. Used around structure, surf, boat - not one single issue with it ever. I am going to try suffix this year. Have it on a couple of rods ready to go. My thought is that it will be about the same as pp.
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Been casting 30# Sufix on Abu 5500 couple of weeks (almost every day, 2~3 hrs per day, plugging / distance casting practice) and had middle of cast break off yesterday and spooled it with fresh line again.

IMHO, SufixPro is better then PP for;
- Much less green/yellow stuff coming off of line (I hate those coloring stuff on my reel, hand, rod guides, etc...)
- Better wear resistance with about same diameter.

I may move to SufixPro from the Spider Stealth I've been using.
It is bit more compact and thinner in diameter then SS of same # rating thus seem to cast a little better. Other then that I don't see much other significant improvement(s).
I was hoping for a better wear resistance but it seems about same as SS or slightly less (certainly better then PP though.) Too early to tell I guess.
It may be a different story for those heavier lines but I am a bit disappointed considering all the excitements and personal endorsements that was going on this site a while ago...
I am still to try out TuflineXP as they also seem to have some crowds standing by it and most of all, price seems to be good...

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i've decided i dont like either one. fireline only these days.
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