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Info on a Penn Senator 3/0 Reel

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We are looking for some info on a Penn Senator 3/0 Game Fish Reel. I have gone on line, but can't really find out a whole lot. I did find that it may be old reel and that it was maybe made in the 40's, but I could be wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,
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I'm not a Penn Senator expert, but the 3/0 size reel is still being made as the Penn Senator 112H so it would be really hard to put a date on it without picture(s) or more of a description. Is the spool crome colored or black aluminum? Also, is the handle a black plastic knob or another color?
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The spool is crome color and the handle is green.
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It would help if they know what color the sideplate is,black or maroon.
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The plate color also won't help much. Black Senators were still made long after the reds came out
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I have two (3/0) one is an older model and was more a Maroon than the Red it also had a football/torpedo green knob on handle , I bought it USED so have no idea of age, other is new 99 or so with bright red side plates and black rubber handle Knob, I have an 89B parts manual which reflects some parts from the 112 are same as the 111 (2/0) ,owing to that one could probably say the 3/0 have been around for some time ,as last mfr of 2/0 probably back in 60s/70s I am not sure ,but it has been a while. not much info but best i can offer
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The 3/0 is the 112. Black sideplates, 6 cross bars, chromed spool. Very heavy, good cranking power, slow retrieve, no ball bearings, some guys use it for baitfishing blues. Too big for blackfish, too small for cod. I bought one last year for $5. Still have not done anything with it.

The 3/0 Special Senator is much narrower, red sideplates, 4 crossbars, black aluminum spool, OK cranking power, medium fast retrieve, ball bearings. If I remember correctly, it was John Demaio's favorite reel for diamond jigging.
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A picture would help. The Model 112 Senator was made for many decades. If it just says "3/0" without the "112", it's probably in the older end of the age range. Great reels, no matter how you slice it.
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