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Fixing a leaking PVC pipe joint

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Got a leaking PVC pipe connection on my pool plumbing. Any easy way to fix this short of cutting it out and redoing the connection? If I slap a bunch on glue on the outside where the water is coming from, will that plug the leak? My guess is no. Thanks for any help.
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If the leak is at a connection you might be able to seal it by running some glue around it. Obviously, the right fix is to cut it out and redo it. If there is a crack in the pipe I'd cut it out and do it the right way. It's only PVC.
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I agree, do it right...cut it out and replace it. You may patch it temporarily, but eventually you will spending more time and end up cuting it out anyway. Save yourself the aggrevation and cut it out now.
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You could use JB weld's Cold Weld on it. That will seal it; however, I'm not sure of the effect it would have on the pool water.
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You didn't say whether the leaking joint is drain side or supply side.

Drain side connections can be repaired with knead-type marine epoxy--the two-part stuff that looks like a tootsie roll. I've got two such joints that have held tight over two decades.

If its supply side, I think you should replace the fittings.

Good luck,
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PVC is so easy to work with that replacing the leaking piece is the way to go. You may spend more time and $$$$ trying to do a patch job (maybe several times). Do it right the first time and have more time to fish.
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Cut and replace is best but if you could dry the joint some "wicking" type locktite joint sealant might work.
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Is this a pressure system or a drain system? If its just water draining out somewhere you can use glue on the outside to fix it. If its a water pressure system you should cut it out and replace the pipe.
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A new piece of pipe, properly glued back in place will last longer. do it right the first time or do it over.
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