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Bucktail Jig storage

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Hey guys, I'm looking for storage idea's for storing the 300 plus jigs I poured and tied this winter. I tried those fresh water spinner bait racks but the hair is too long and gets kinked if I cut em down they are not deep enough. Does anybody make a storage system for large bucktail jigs?
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How big are you talking? I rig all mine up(trailer & leader). Put them in a meduim bag and I use a small plano box the one that has 5 compartments I think. When I pack I though 4 boxes in my bag and I'm good to go. I'll try and get some pictures of them.
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This works for me. It's easy and cheap, and doesn't take up alot of room.
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Yep, same here. Dozens of Plano boxes, I just match the length/width, i.e. different sized boxes for the many different sized bucktail lengths. I am very obsessive/meticulous with this, I want all hair straight....

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I used to be like Mike.Though it doesn't matter the hair striaghtens out just fine once it gets wet.
I also use the plano's.If u want u can go to any good fly shop an get plastic sleaves to put em in this will protect the hair better till u use em..
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For storing untied jighead, nothing beats a Plano 3650? box. I'm not 100% this is the correct model number, the Plano 3700 is teh most popular one, which is also goo for storing tied jigs, but teh "50" model is twice as deep. If fishing from a boat and you have storage space, nothing beats teh Plano 3700, but that is too big to take with you fishing from shore.
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