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Hawk or vulture?

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No, no, no, this is not another George Bush thread!
On another board there is a discussion going on about a bird
someone saw circling their yard. This person seems to think that
the bird is a type of hawk. I maintain that it is a vulture or buzzard.
What is you opinion?
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I think yer right...there are loads of em around my neighborhood...but then again I'm no expert......
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turkey vulture....most definately.
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Looks like turkey buzzard/vulture. We have loads of them in Pa.
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turkey vuluzzard
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here is another good info card, wouldnt hurt to print and laminate.
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hawks wings, esp. red tails curl forward, towards the head... your pic is def. a turkey vulture...
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Now, after looking at Dunker's post I am not to sure if it is a vulture. The tail feathers in the original photo seem to be more hawklike. However in her post on the other boards, this lady mentioned that there were three of them fliing around their house. I don't think I have ever seen hawks hunting this way. Have you? Vultures on the otherhand scavenge in groups.
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if you could catch it and post closer pictures-i think i could positively identify it.
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yeah definately a vulture, look at those wings!!!!
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150% certain it's a turkey vulture. No question. I see those things constantly, probably at least 20 per day, 365 days a year. They are SO common anymore. Black vultures are getting that way too. I remember when I was a kid, seeing a black vulture was something to get excited about. Now they are like rats, everywhere you go.

Not even close to a red-tail or other true buteo.

Easiest way to tell a vulture and a hawk apart is the wing angle (dihedral). Soaring turkey vultures bring their wings back into a "V" ("V" for "vulture), while hawks soar with almost a flat wingspan. Another way to tell is the wings themselves. Turkey vultures' primary wing feathers are transparent white when viewed from beneath, while the "arms" are dark black (dunkerofbunker's pic clearly shows that). Hawks are all opaque, either white or brown typically.

As far as flying in groups, yes hawks will do that at times, especially on migrations or in breeding rituals, but vultures are much more likely to do that all the time.
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Absolutely a turkey vulture, no doubt about it.
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thanks for that post, dunker...

i finally will be able to tell the difference between the turkey buzzards and the ospreys that are all over my area...

thanks again..
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