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boston whaler vs panga boats

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i was thinkin in getting a boston whaler here in panama but i think i'm not to get what i want here in panama.... the dealer for whaler's will get a 15 mountauk for 22.5k that's money i don't have, however i found a local dealer for panga boats ( now this are not from them but they are the same i can get a 18' with console storage nice floor , foam in the hull, and the outside painted with gel coat for around 3k without trailer or engine.
here some pics
based on the boats what do you prefer and why?
a 17 mountak or that one.
any help I'll appreciate, i really don't know what to do or what to buy.
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I have a friend who deals Pangas here in NC. Decent boats for the money I would say. They are a little bit narrow on the beam, but take the seas really really well. Unfortunately, I don't think the sales are doing too good on them around here. Skiffs have taken the market by storm around here, especially with all the back water we have.

But to answer your question. I would take the panga over the Montauk, considering the money you're looking at. You can power that thing and get a trailer for less than 22.5K easy. For 3K, I'd be all over that boat. That is the classic Caribbean style...more heavily built than the Panga brand. Obviously you live there, but I spent three years working down there and know that boat can take some beating. That's my two cents.
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I have fished a bunch in Baja on pangas, and can say they will take more than you (at least I) can. They do ride pretty rough though. A whaler hull will weight more, so you should have a bit smoother ride (depends on the model).

One thing I would think about is how you are going to treat the boat. I always prefer something I can beach without worrying too much about rocks. If your whaler gets dinged and takes on water it will turn into a tank.

The one other advantage you might find with a panga is just that you wont stick out like a sore thumb. Flying low profile will probably get you in better with the local fishermen. At least in Baja.
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Whalers are great boats. But for the $$$ ?? Kinda like a Harley Davidson. Buy the panga.
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Go with the panga I just got a 22XL to go fishing around here in N.C. and I love it, out in the sea or in the sound during low tide does it all, and you will have some green left in your pocket.
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You know you're almost a year and five months late
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If you don't get the panga you want to mail it up here for me Whalers are good boats but way overpriced IMHO. Get the panga, I've heard great things about them. Plus, as previously mentioned, you won't care if the bottom gets a lil dinged on flats/reefs/landing.
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You know you're almost a year and five months late
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