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Hourglass eye mold

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Does anyone know where I can buy a hourglass eye mold with different size eyes for my clouser type flies?
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I had no idea they sold them to the public
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I've searched before, and not been able to find any either.
The closest I've seen, is Do-It Molds has a blank mold, to which you could carve out your own, which would probably be pretty tough to do, unless you have access to a machine shop. I think the blank one runs about $35.
Post it, if you find one.
Later, Harry
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For a few bucks you can get a bunch of the no frills lead eyes. With a lead mold you wont be able to produce a better product. When you take into concideration time, investment, and cleanup my question would be why. It is a lot easier and maybe cheaper to just buy them.
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The same could be said of fly tying in general
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Not really. Large salt patterns can be really expensive. I saw Dave Skok selling giant half and halfs at a show for 12.50 each. I have seen many large herring or bunker patterns selling for 8.00 to 10.00 each. and the most obsurd thing was a "local" pattern I saw at a shop that sold for 29.50 EACH ! (all it was, was a 8" Yak hair herring) I know I can tie much cheaper than that.

My point is if you are casting your own eyes they are going to be "standard" painted lead eyes. Not a top quality eye like a Spirit River. When you can buy a few dozen for like 4 bucks I cant see how this can be cost or time effective. Thats all.
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Not sure if this would fit your needs, but a cheap & easy to obtain alternative are the steel balls from ball chains. They come in many different sizes/weights.
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Not to rain on your parade but I think it would be cheaper to go out and buy the lead eyes.
There cheap, even the painted ones are cheap.

If you can find a mold, mold em up up. good luck with your search
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Thanks guys I guess I will just have to buy a blank mold and machine it myself. I was a machinest before I moved to LHC. Hilti sell blanks, I own several of there jig molds that I picked up from Tri City Sporting goods.
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Not to hijack, but while lead dumbell eyes do sink well, does anyone else find them too soft???? I find they often break in the middle after use or after getting dinging on rocks....(not that I ever drop my backcast that low ).

It would be kinda cool to pour your own though .

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Lead is soft and breaks. I go with tungsten or steel eyes now. Never break. A little more $$, but worth it in the end.
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I've been using brass or nickel a lot. But I like the EyeBalz the best .

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second vote for EyeBalz. Strong as he!!. Havent broke one yet.
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