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Repairing Chipped Glass Stovetop

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I have a glass electric stove- the glass seemed to have chipped somehow and was wondering if there any products out there that I can use to fix the chips?
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Ours is not actualy glass but black transparent ceramic. I would call the manufacturer.
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Epoxy or maybe something like those windshield repair companies use?
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We had a Thermadore that chipped as well. In fact it cratered in perfect circle above the burner when the wife put something plastic down on it when it was hot We were told that there was no way to repair, only replace at $450 - bought a new gas stove instead. Keeping those tops clean looking was a PINTA.
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Wayne that is how these chips happened I guess- I put a plastic spoon down and didn't realize the burner was on, next thing you know it chipped- I still can't figure out how a melted plastic spoon can chip ceramic???

Epoxy might work- I know it can stand up to heat really well but i'm not sure how well-
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Epoxy is not gonna work...I didn't realize that it was the cooking area that was chipped. Sorry.
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I can't beleive there isn't a fix for this problem-I can't even find anything online about fixing the problem! I guess I will have to live with it-
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Heated treated tempered glass I do not believe can be fixed. Like the windows in your car it is supposed to break into little squares if broken. I had a crack in mine from dropping a spice jar on it. Ended up going to Sears scratch and dent and getting a brand new stove with a dent on the side for less than the cost of repairing the 2 yr old stove. It sits between to counters so you can’t see the bent.

As long as the glass top is still in tact I would continue to use it. If it’s a chip and not a crack it should still hold weight without breaking.
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Yeah it is just little chip's, why wouldn't the regular glass repair epoxy work that they use to repair windshields?

I guess I should have stated that this stove is in the apartment that I am renting out and I am due to leave in april- I know the owner will realize the chips and probably ask for me to buy a whole new stove so I would love to find the cheapest fix before they try and get a new stove out of me-
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It wont work because of the heat. Epoxy will burn and catch fire with that kind of heat.
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I too laid something plastic down on my burner and when I lifted it up, a sliver of glass came off with it, leaving a black depression in the glass. I don't recall seeing anything in the owner's manual that something like melted a plastic (probably a common problem, since there are so many plastic utensils these days) would permanently damage the glass stove top. It seems there should be a warning about this, since it's so expensive to solve it (ie, buy a new stove top).
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Epoxies tend to start to flow around 300 deg F, so you are kind of out of luck Live with it for now and if it fails, replace it. Keep your eyes peeled for a replacement and I'd even check ebay for something like this.
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You might try filling the chips with Krazy glue. Read the label because I am not sure how it will hold up to the heat.
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You can polish it out using rouge (like mom used to wear ) and a cork disk or belt.
It is messy and will leave a deformaity that can be felt, but it will be clear & smooth.
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I used JB Weld that you buy at auto supply stores. It's easy to use. Mix half and half in a lid or container that you won't use again and spread it with a plastic disposable putty knife. Spread it on the crack/s and clean up the edges with an old cotton cloth. It takes 4 to 6 hours for it to cure. It will be gray - my husband said it looked awful, so I painted over the JB Weld with a permanent black marker and it worked.
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