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crab snare

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can anyone show me/ tell me how to make a good crab snare that will fit in a tackle box/5gal bucket (small spaces) and i can cast over 50 yrds. i seen the square wire ones and tried them, they just dont work for me.
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The best thing to do that i found is to buy someone elses homemade snarethat is made by a person who really knows what they are doing....then just copy every little detail you can to make your own like I did....i've been making them for a couple of years now and here are some pics of mine
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whats the cage? did you buy it or twist it your self?
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Its just chicken wire that i cut out and bent it to form the cage ....but if your ever in pacifica go to Coastside Bait and Tackle near Winter's bar.....or its located near the pacifica pier.....don't go to the rusty hook cuz they don't sell any thing like this and are a little grumpy most of the time.....the owner of coastside is nice...his name is mark.....just but one and take it apart without breaking or snapping'll probaly have to do a couple of to the hardware store to get supplies like:

Chicken wire, 1/4" aluminum or copper tubing, weed wacker material,terminals, a pair of needlenose,wire cutters, and a set of crimping pliers....i hope this will help you a little bit....if you have any other questions just ask me....i'm sure i forgot a couple of things
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That looks exactly like the snares that the guy on Pacifica Pier sells. and you sure that is chicken wire and not harware cloth?
Kudos, they will work!

Just askin.......
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Good work, Kid... I've tried a couple types but that's the only design that worked for me.

I bought mine at that bait/liquor store on Mission Blvd in Hayward.
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Man! I wish those were legal for lobsters back here in NH! Nice!
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***? How the hell does that thing work?
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Imagine you're Wile E. Coyote and the crabs are the Roadrunner, substitute squid for birdseed.

But seriously, just put a squid in there and throw it on out, reel in fast as you can every 10 minutes or so, (you can't feel em biting, but you can feel when you have one snared).
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I make my own snares too. i started out making that style snare, but now i make my own bullet shaped snare with lead melted on the bottom. They hold less bait and cast much farther.
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yeah i do that on my personal snares and him melt them on for the smaller one's so you can fit more bait it the cage without losing any weight
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Correction I am the one that melts the lead for you guys. And I still don't get how you guys fit the bait in that small opening.
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no you don't ...your dad just stand around and think you are just hand him the lead
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