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WD-40 as fish attractant

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An old timer I know swears by spraying his lures with wd-40 when fishing. Anyone ever hear of this.
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Holy crap; I thought I was the only one who ever heard that. Never tried it though.
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lol, no offense my friend, but, not this again. lol
Old habits die hard. It doesn't work. It's like an old wives tale.
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Whether or not it works(I don't know)I see a lot of angry pollution-minded replies coming your way.
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If you think WD-40 attracts fish, try fishing around gas docks Those docks continuously chum for you!

The idea seems more hazardous than useful.
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i don't personally do it, just heard of it and thought i'd ask if anyone had heard of it. Thats why we're here right? It does seem environmentally unsound, but to play devils advocate, i don't imagine it is worse for the water than the emissions of most water craft, or the tons of lead and petroleum based plastics and rubber lost.
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Try smelly jelly. I'll be trying it this year. A lot more evidence that smelly jelly works than WD-40.
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i've been planning on trying the smelly jelly. I had a bottle of bunker oil leak in my bag and swore off the liquids.
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Yeah man, the only thing I use bunker for is too keep the WD on the hook LOL.
But seriously, I grew up with a bunch of old salts that did it and swore by it. IMHO stick with bunker oil if you are going to use an additive.

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There's been a long standing rumor that the secret ingredient in WD-40 is actually bunker oil....hence it's fish attracting abilities.

That being said there are probably some other nasty things in it that shouldn't be in the water.

As for the old salts, check the "Bad Old Days" thread. Alot of things were done back then which probably weren't in everyone's best interest.
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Both rumors--that it's a fish attractant and that it contains bunker oil--have been around as long as WD-40 has.

Neither is true.
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More chances that bunkers in the NJ area contain WD-40 ingredients than the other way around
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Attractant, don't know - but it sure as hell isn't a repellent.
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i know a few thousand guides in alaska who swear by it. enough so that it's illegal. the wardens come around and actually sniff your bait to make sure you aren't using it.
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The bunker oil in WD is a lube. Works better than bananas
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