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Photography question - how to view old negatives??

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I have a stack of very old negatives, all different types and sizes from tin framed to Kodak disk. They're all family pictures most going back a very long way. To bring them all to a shop to have them developed would cost mucho mucho bucks, way too much when you figure most of them are not going to be of any interest.

Is there a way to uses a computer and scanner or is there some kind of equipment available to try and see enough to sort through and decide which ones to develop?
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you can scan them and then reverse the colors in something like photoshop elements. pretty easy, but sometimes they come out a little flat and you have to play around with them a bit.

I bought a special lens for a coolpix camera to take them.

from scanned negatives:

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We have a ZBE Flextite Imacon in our Photo lab we scan negs with. Scans them directly to a file to save to correct them in Photoshop. Does a good job but is costly. You can probably find an inexpensive model or used one on the net.
Looks similar to this one; 5223QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem?hash=ite m120071629110#ebayphotohosting
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alot of new scanners today have built in place for slides and negatives. My parent's have one that I borrowed to scan in some of my old Hawaii pictures. The software will also reverse the colors for you
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Scanned one to see what i got. With the black backround of course there was nothing, with a piece of white paper behind it I get this:

I'm assuming it's a pic of my grandfather holding my father circa 1940, not sure though.
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Sudsy does your scanner have a TRANSMISSIVE option?

Or is it set on reflective?

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What up Ant, long time no see

It's an Acer Prisa 320p, not exactly a cutting edge scanner

Reflective option only (that i can find)
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Go to a local lab and have them make contact sheets for you. or for that matter, call the local high school and find a student in the photography class and have them do it. I'm sure they'd be tickled to get a first job!!
Once you select what you want. we can get together, go over the images and I'll scan and print them for you. I have pretty high end scanners and can do 4000 DPI with 16x oversampling to get rid of noise, scratches, grain and all sorts of stuff. I also have a very good photo printer which makes b&w prints with a neutral color cast!
Do I hear trade lures??
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Just reverse the image in photoshop if you have it like this.

And adjust. Convert to B&W etc

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